I  hinted at the change coming and here it is.  While https://tvdork.wordpress.com has served me well in recent months I wanted full wordpress customization.  Out of this need came http://www.mediaobsessed.com. I will continue to post as tvdork over at MediaObsessed.  I consider it simply an evolution of this blog and its content.  Hopefully you’ll follow me over to the new site.


Site Update

So I apologize to anyone who’s been visiting the site lately just to see nothing new.  I’ve been working to set something new up, something that I hope will be better than tvdork.  On Monday everyone will be able to see what I’m talking about.

So once again thanks for returning, I promise I’m working hard not to dissipoint.  If only I knew how to read CSS code:)


Favourite Shows: Frasier

There are few shows that I love to the very end. Normally I cut a show once it starts to get bad, but in a few cases love overcomes! You’ve heard me blog about my love of X-Files and The Wing but my other love has been largely ignored on this site, Frasier.  Frasier remains my favourite comedy and also features two of my favourite on screen pairings, Frasier and Niles and Niles and Daphne.  I found the show in Seasons 3/4 after I had gotten addicted to Cheers in syndication and needed more.  I didn’t expect Frasier to be better than Cheers but it turned out to be.  To this day I love the show like no other.

That’s why I was delighted to find out that Peter Casey, creator and executive producer of the show had posted a 3 part column at Ken Levine’s  blog.  He talks about how Frasier made it on to the air, the pitch and the casting(the Lisa Kudrow debacle).  As someone who loved the show, I read the articles with a massive smile on my face.  If you’ve never read Levine’s blog I suggest you do so.  He’s a comedy veteran and without a doubt produces one of the best TV blogs on the interwebs.

Levine’s blog


Studio 60 Debate Gone Awry

Diana: So here’s the thing, Dan and I had intended to debate this weeks episode of Studio 60 but we ran into a problem: we both loved it. I can honestly say I never expected to love an hour of Studio 60 but alas hell has frozen over and Sorkin has escaped from his ego driven shithole to actually writing good hours of TV again. While this wasn’t the quality of say a West Wing Christmas episode it was certainly much better than most things on tv today.

Daniel: Alright, we both may have loved the episode, but, there’s one clear and distinct difference worth debating between Diana and I. You see, I contend that I have greater man love for Matt and Danny, than Diana. She says that her love for Bradley Whitford is unparalleled, I say, that her love of the mullet-haired wonder is nothing compared to my admiration for Perry and his buddy. I’ve always been a fan of buddy comedies and Studio 60 is yet another incarnation of this love. She can claim her love is above and beyond mine, but since the days of Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte in 48 Hours, Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards, in Top Gun…I have professed my man love to the world.

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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: The Christmas Show(S1E11)

Wait for it folks….this is me eating crow.  Maybe it’s just that I love Sorkin doing Christmas but I thought tonight’s Studio 60 was a step short of delightful.  I didn’t even care about the unfunny sketches.  Decent amount of relationship progress tonight between all the usual suspects.  All in all a quality episode.  No super detailed recap tonight due to school.

Short recap below:
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What TvDork Wants for Christmas:

 Some of these are actual buy-able items, most are this fans pipe-dreams.

1.  A years subscription to tvtracker
2.  ED on DVD.  Screw music clearances just give me my Stuckyville!
3.  Janel Maloney to guest star on Studio 60.  Must snark with Danny.   I don’t care if he’s with Jordan by then.
4.  Veronica Mars to stop sucking.
5.  Christopher off of Gilmore Girls.  STAT.
6.  Bree Van DeCamp to go crazy, get a lobotomy and take of her wig…..
7.  Grey’s Anatomy to start actually punishing their Doctors when they do things that should have their licenses revoked.  I can only suspend my disbelief so much.
8.  90210 Season 5 DVD’s.  TvTropolis only has the rights to syndicate 1-4 here and has therefore deprived me of Valerie.  No one deprives me of Valerie.
9.  X-files Seasons 4-9.  Yes, even 8 and 9.  I don’t care that it sucked.  I NEED them.
10.  Luke and Lorelai back together.  It’s just not fair.

Additional wishes:  Stanley to get more screentime on The Office; Betty to finally dump Walter’s ass for Henry(he makes her palms sweat!); Pam to admit she wants Jim even if it’s too late; FOX Canceling The OC;  Death of the Aerie Girls; CW realizes what a giant mistake it is, drops the green and reverts back to The WB.


Waxing Nostalgic About Ed

I miss ED. That’s really all I have to say. It was a gem of a show that NBC abused and destroyed. Thanks to music copyright issues the DVD’s will probably never arrive and it’s YouTube presence is not big enough for my taste.

To say ED was a quality show would be an understatement. Every character had shining moments. The citizens of Stuckyville were crazy but not Stars Hollow crazy. The chemistry between Ed/Carol/Mike/Molly/Nancy was great, it really felt genuine. How can you beat a bowling alley lawyer? You can’t. Plus there was Warren, the antics of Phil and the $10 bets. It was brilliant. The show however ended up being destroyed by the one thing that kept it alive: Ed and Carol.

I was definitely one of those people that wanted Ed and Carol together and cheered when it happened at the end of season 3. Season 4 was incredibly wonky due to NBC’s influence in the writing. The network wanted all Ed and Carol. The show ended as naturally as it could have with Ed and Carol’s wedding.

Here’s hoping it makes its way to DVD one day, until then here’s the final scene of the show courtesy of YouTube:

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