Lost Season 3: When Kate Attacks…..hot men.

Season 3: Get Lost in Love


In light of Lost's season finale cliffhangers, will the show's fall return bring answers about Desmond's electromagnetically aroused honey back home? The fates of Locke and Eko? Or maybe it will be about a little thing called L-O-V-E? "I'm excited about love in Season 3," executive producer Bryan Burke tells SciFiWire. "[The castaways] are now obviously more familiar with each other [so] the concept of love… is going to be much more prevalent." But yes, you can also expect more light shed on those grungy posers who snatched Jack, Kate and Sawyer. "There's a lot of mysteries and questions about the Others," says exec producer Carlton Cuse. "And those are things we're going to explore."




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