Movies: X-Men 3

So I was pretty excited to see the latest X-Men movie.  I'm not a comic fan but X2 really pulled me into the story and I got attached to the characters.  I felt as if it were one of the best comic book movies I'd ever seen.

X3 is certainly not the best, it's far from the best, but it was enjoyable.  There was just too much going on.  Too many characters, too many subplots.  The last movie set this up to be all about the Pheonix and while the Pheonix was a big part of the movie, it wasn't done right.  I felt bad for Jannsen who must have spent the entire production in one pose: angry, yet confused.  There was too much Halle Berry, but contractually since she wanted a lot of press they had to.  Anna Paquin is barely in the movie, and considering Rogue is usually a big part, that was dissipointed.  Kelsey Grammer rocked it as the beast, and Ellen Page(otherwise known as the go to Canadian teen in angst) did well as Kitty.  But there was too much and yet not enough at the same time.   The SFX pissed me off at times too.  This just confirmed that when given good actors and solid material Ratner can't help being Ratner. 
And come on the final showdown with Logan/Pheonix happens without a shirt, how can I not love a movie that gives me Hugh Jackman without his shirt. 


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