Oh Celebs Clammouring For Fame..

So I've been reading a lot of blogs lately and I noticed a fascinating phenomenon over at MySpace. Celebs with blogs. Most are just publicity tools, rarely updated, but some actually do hang out there. They are folks that were once famous(almost famous), or may even still be clawing their way back up from Kathy Griffin land. I think I may make this an ongoing thing if I can find them.

So now the list:

Jenna Elfman – Ah yes, our dear Dharma. Jenna appears to have a MySpace page, that was updated like twice. See the page coincided with her midseason sitcom Courting Alex. Now you've probably never heard of it, cause no one watched it and the network promptly destroyed it. That also happens to be when Elfman stopped updating her blog….interesting. She can still be found posting comments however. Check out the left side of her blog, it's where she puts the scientology related stuff.

Joe Rogan – Joe Rogan is a bully. He was also on the brilliant NewsRadio and he hosted Fear Factor. He has no neck. Now why's he a bully you ask? A few months ago Rogan publically used his blog to attack fans. He went all out with a fan, who was obviously an adolescent and proved that the steroids he took shrunk more than his neck.

Alicia Goranson – Don't remember who she is? Goranson played Becky1.0 on Roseanne and dissipeared only to be replaced by the awesome and wicked Sarah Chalke.(Go watch/buy Scrubs on DVD right now!). Goranson is out of the limelight now, but maintains a blog of photos and poetry. Odd, but interesting. Oh and she also worked making bouquets for 1-800-Flowers but got fired cause her boss knew she wouldn't pass the urine test.

Ok as I did my googling for this article I was astounded by how many celebs have blogs/MySpaces. I wonder if there's some poor intern in their publicists office just plugging away cause the celeb wants to appear cool. I assume a good portion of 'celeb' MySpaces aren't the celebs or their people, but rather crazy fans. I'll be curious as to who will become the first celeb to pull a Sharon Stone and sue their asses.


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