When Diva’s Collide…

I fully admit that soap operas are horrible. They wrot minds and turn housewives crazy…but someimes they are the greatest thing ever. In 1997 an amazing thing was happening on NBC at 1pm every day. Days of Our Lives was producing some the the most delightful campy television to ever air.

They were Marlena and Kristen, enemies, both in love with the same man. John was Marlena's soulmate but Kristen stole him and faked a pregnancy. She stole another woman's baby – Susan. Marlena caught on, so Kristen locked her in a secret room in her mansion. The room had video cameras so Marlena could be taunted by Kristen and John making love……except Susan wanted revenge. She wanted her baby back and she wanted John. So she locked Kristen in the room with Marlena and they both had to watch Susan make love and eventually nearly marry John. Oh it was beautiful I tell you. And that's not even the best of it, Eileen Davidson who played Kristen, also played Susan(Susan had giant buck teeth and was in love with Elvis) and eventually two other characters as well. I wish I could describe how awesomely awful Days was, but I thought instead I'd show you a clip. Marlena and Kristen, doing what they did best:


2 Responses to “When Diva’s Collide…”

  1. 1 mandilyn
    June 6, 2006 at 12:57 am

    DUDE!! The knee kick to the stomach was the best part. We need more diva fights on TV.

  2. June 6, 2006 at 1:04 am

    Youtube has like 5 minutes of that fight up. It was really just beautiful tv, I wanted Kristen to win, but she didn’t. Poor girl ended up the prisoner of an Arab Prince. Seriously.

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