Movies: The Break Up

Critics have been giving the Break-Up a difficult time.  It's not a great movie, but it is entertaining at times.  However the film's main fault is that there is too much lag in between fun scenes.  One leaves the movie wishing the writers had flushed out the concept further.  Brooke(Aniston) spends the entire film trying to play with Gary, but we never know(except for one key scene) why she would see anything in him at all.  Vince Vaughn has some classic Vince Vaughn moments and Jon Favreau is in fine form, but most of the cast feels wasted, leading the film to feel bloated.  I wanted to give this movie a negative review, but there were just too many laugh out loud moments for that happen.  So ultimately The Break Up is a marginal positive, but it's understandable why so many people dislike it. 


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