Wholesome TV Gone X-Rated

Remember the days when TV was so sugary sweet it put you to sleep? Well those days are gone, but one can't but help but have a soft spot for early 90's family comedies. The most prominent of these was of course, Full House. The show that made the Olsen's famous and unitentionally led to millions of girls with lolipop bodies who drink nothing but Starbucks.

Full House is long gone, but the talent that was on the show still remains. Last night a girlfriend sent me a rather disturbing song featuring Bob Saget. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone anymore that Saget is a filthy comedian. He likes taking jokes to the next level and loves shocking people who still think of him as Danny Tanner. The song's a few years old, so odds are you've heard it already. If not, enjoy:

Another intersting Full House tidbit came today via the New York Post. It appears that Stephanie Tanner(Jodie Sweetin) is gonna host a new tv show….about stripping. Yup, you heard me right. Apparently Sweetin has graduated from Meth addict to a show 'featuring people of all ages taking off their clothes to their favorite music videos.' I guess anything's a step up from Meth. I saw an Oprah a few months ago that showed the effects that meth had on the body….dear god was it nasty. So yeah, as long as Sweetin doesn't end up showing her skills in actual stripclubs, I wish her luck.


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