Tv’s Best Dad

So instead of doing a list, I decided I would write about
who I thought was the best dad on tv(currently).

That honour no doubt goes to Keith Mars played by Enrico Colontoni on Veronica Mars. Keith's relationship with his daughter Veronica is something quite extraordinary. Their snark is right up there with the best of them(example):

"Who's your Daddy?"(K)

"I hate it when you say that."(V)

"You know what, this is important. You remember this. I used to be cool!"(K)

Keith and Veronica have gone through some tough times. Barely a week goes by when one of their lives aren't in danger, but they always pull through.

The best example of this awesoeme father/daughter bond would be the Season 2 finale, 'Not Pictured'. While I won't spoil the events of the episode, cause if you haven't seen it you must buy the DVD's.(preorder here) But this episode clearly shows how much Veronica needs her father and how quickly she falls apart when he's not there for her.

So yeah, cheers to Keith Mars for rocking. And go buy the Season 1 DVD's of Veronica Mars now and preorder your Season 2's.



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