Slow on the Uptake

I love Tvsquad.com, it’d be my homepage if I didn’t use Newgator.  But twice this week I’ve noticed TvSquad reporting stories days after they hit the net and other blogs.  Earlier today TvSquad did an update on the Soprano’s contract negotiations and reported both Pauly and Silvio to be in negotiations still.  That is of course false since it was reported two days ago that HBO had agreed to a 190,000 per episode contract, just 10,000 short of what the boys were asking. 

Yesterday TvSquad posted the Al Gore/Bender futurama video, but I’ll give them slack because they admitted in the entry that they’d taken their time.

I love TVsquad and listen to their podcasts on a weekly basis.  Let’s hope future entries don’t have the same errors.


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