Please Be True!

Folks read the statement below and cross your fingers and pray!

Question: Emmy gossip! Emmy gossip! Emmy gossip! Please? I’ll buy AA products. — Elizabeth

Ausiello: Tomorrow’s the big day! Based on the kudos buzz, I’d say the chances are better than 50/50 that either Lauren Graham or Kristen Bell will snag a nomination. Unfortunately, the chances of Battlestar Galactica getting a nod appear to be slim to slimmer. According to Goldderby.com, Battlestar didn’t even make the list of top-10 semifinalists. I’m sorry, but that’s frakkin’ inexcusable. Actually, I take that back — I’m not sorry.END.

I’d be content if either got a nomination, even though Gilmore obviously had the weaker season. I feel if they nominated Graham it’d be for the entire show rather than this past season. Plus she’s in comedy, when her best stuff is dramatic, so I feel she’s the less likely of the two to get one.

If Kristen Bell got one I would literally do a happy dance. I’ve been trying to get my friends to watch Veronica Mars and a few have given in. Those people are now slaves to the show.
[Via Ask Ausiello]


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