Why God, WHY?

EW is reporting that Disney is making an Adventures in Babysitting remake with…..wait for it….Raven Simone. Lets just say when I read that I nearly cried. Seriously, I’m that much of a dork. It’s hard to describe how close to my heart certain 80’s movies are. They’re my holy grail. Adventures in Babysitting is right up there. It was blissfully corny and just damn awesome. The idea of someone tainting it and throwing teeny boppers into the mix….SACRILEGE. Plus the movie was shot in my beloved city and my sister doesn’t live too far from the actual Anderson house.

Everything about the movie was just perfect for the time. The Playboy, the rat in the bus station, ‘get out of my house!!!’, the Babysitting Blues, Bradley Whitford being well, Bradley Whitford, Anthony Rapp in the pre-Rent days and George Newburn’s hair. Oh how I loved that hair. The best part though? Vincent D’Onofrio as the hunky blond Thor! I’m not kidding folks, go take a look and you’ll be amazed.

So my question is, am I over reacting or did the movie have the same effect on other people?


1 Response to “Why God, WHY?”

  1. April 17, 2007 at 1:11 pm

    Raven, gurl we are on the same page when you are telling about this movieee!!!!!!!! i abosolutely looooovvvveee this movie, i mean all the adventures makes me want to do something crazy!!! i think besides you i am this movie’s bigget fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh,yeah, speaking of biggest fan i am definatel your biggest and awesomely #1 fan!!!!!! ne*wayz – it was nice typing to a super star!!!!

    love ya
    Cieona Nixon

    p.s.- if you happen to be in town ( Linconlton, North Carolina) come and visit me i go to ( Linconlnton High School)

    luv ya


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