Pilot Review: The Nine

Synopsis: Nine people deal with the aftereffects of being held hostage during a bank robbery.

Timeslot: Wednesdays at 10pm, ABC.

Cast: Chi McBride (“Boston Public,” “Killer Instinct”), Scott Wolf (“Everwood”), Kim Raver (“24”), Tim Daly (“Wings,” “Eyes”), John Billingsley (“Star Trek: Enterprise”), Camille Guaty (“Prison Break”), Owain Yeoman (“Troy”), Dana Davis (“Veronica Mars”), Lourdes Benedicto (“24”)

Review: The Nine had a premise that hooked me from the start. The mystery of what happened inside the bank created a bond within these 9 people and I really want to know why. They go in as strangers and walk out as comrades. It’s a show that has to evolve, both the plot and the characters and I love that. The characters are solid, although it’s too early to tell which are really the most evolved. There’s reconizable faces in with fresh ones and that excites me. The show feels alive. There’s even a couple to ship for thanks to the chemistry that Raver and Daly bring to the table. I wasn’t a big Raver fan on 24 but I liked her during her 3rd Watch days and she’s one of the standouts on The Nine. The cast is really promising, but it’s the premise that gets me with this show. The few glimpses we get into the robbery are gripping, leaving no doubt that something happened inside the bank that no one wants to say. The pilot even has a cliffhanger that should ensure viewers make it to episode two. I know I’ll be there. Hopefully the Lost crowd will stick around for it.

My only worry is how long the premise can last. I feel like The Nine is on its way to having a great first season, but can the premise last longer than that? I hope so, cause this is the bright spot on the fall schedule for me. After viewing the pilot it’s right up there with Studio 60 as the show I’m most excited to see unravel.


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