Pilot Review: The Class

Synopsis:  Follows a group of former third-grade classmates who are reunited 20 years later when one of them (Jason Ritter, “Joan of Arcadia”) throws an engagement party.

Timeslot: 8:30PM, Mondays on CBS.

Cast: Jason Ritter(“Joan of Arcadia”) Andrea Anders (“Joey”), Lizzy Caplan (“Related”), Sean Maguire (“Eve”), Lucy Punch (“Ella Enchanted”) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

As I sat down and watched The Class I realized how long it had been since I’d watched a convential sitcom with laugh track.  Laugh tracks to me automatically feel unnatural, therefore The Class was immediately at a disadvantage.  22 minutes later I had chuckled a few times, but no real laugh out loud moments.  Jason Ritter is a little too over the top, annoyingly so.  In fact most of the characters are over the top.  There’s the over the top repressed housewife with her over the top gay husband, the over the top bitch, the over the top older husband…

The bright spot for me was Lizzy Caplan, playing a variation on Janice Ian in Mean Girls, her most famous role.  Caplan just has presence and can pull off bitter and snarky.  If the show makes it through its first season I could see the writers attempting to pair up Ritter and Caplan’s character. 

While I wasn’t impressed by the pilot I could see myself watching this occasionally, at least until 24 comes back and takes over my Monday nights.  The Class is fluff at best, with the occasional chuckle.  It should fit well on CBS’ schedule after How I Met Your Mother. 

Too bad The Class doesn’t have a Barney, every show should have a Barney.


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