Lost at Comic-Con (Spoilers)

Here’s some random tidbits from Comic Con:

-First ep of the season is called “A Tale of Two Cities.”  It’s co-written by JJ, who will also direct episode 7.
-The smoke monster is definitely not made of nanobots
-The first six episodes in the fall will be like a mini-series and focuses on the captivity story of Jack, Kate and Sawyer.
– You’ll see more scenes from the outside world (taking place at the same time they are on the island).
– Within the first few episodes Kate “gets with someone”.
– They are going to explain the medical miracles.
-Time may not be passing on the island at the same rate as off the island.
-There are no clones on Lost.
-Libby will be back in flashbacks.

Sources: Kristen and TWoP


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