I Wonder If He’s A Literati or a Java Junkie?

Ever since TiVo’s became legal here in Canada I’ve been wanting to get one. Lately I’ve been watching eBay to see if any deals pop up. Not yet, but I decided to check out Tivo’s website and they have a cool what celebs are watching section. Now I’d be interested to see how they get such info, but I would assume lots of celebs would have tivo’s because they make your life easier.

So I was looking around and nearly everyone watched Lost, Mischa Barton watched Sex and the City and everyone watches whatever show they’re featured on, otherwise exactly what I expected.

BUT THEN I found Joey Pantoliano’s section. Joey listed his old show The Soprano’s and a bunch of CNBC stuff and……………………wait for it…………….Gilmore Girls! How funny is that? There are few pictures that would immediately make me laugh but I’ve gotta say watching Joey Pants watch Gilmore Girls would probably be more entertaining than watching Gilmore Girls itself.

Joey Pants had my seal of approval from Goonies, but this just put him way up there in my books. So funny.


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