Oh Shut Up!(Possible GG Spoiler/Foiler)

So for the past week or so Kristen at E!Online has been circulating a certain Gilmore Girls related rumour..below is an excerpt for her column:

Lorelai Gimore may be pregnant. Yes, pregnant.
There’s a Gilmore Baby on the Way! This is the jaw-dropping Gilmore Girls scoop I received from the aforementioned Mimoun (who had a sidebar with executive producer David Rosenthal to convince him it was okay to dish out this exclusive scoop–you gotta love that!).

The verdict? “A baby will be born,” Rina tells me. “Perhaps even more than one baby. Stars Hollow is growing.”


So yeah, where in that information did she get Lorelai would be pregnant? She’s starting an internet riot for nothing. The Stars Hallow baby could very well be Liz’s since we already know she’s pregnant, heck it could be Lane and Zach’s. Hell maybe Kirk will spawn with Lulu.

It’s just bad reporting to make people assume it’s Lorelai. I don’t think Gilmore Girls would do that.  Too many soap opera plots would arise if Lorelai was pregnant. The Luke/Chris paternity tests would be enough to make me destroy my television.

So here’s to my refusing to believe good ole Kristen.


1 Response to “Oh Shut Up!(Possible GG Spoiler/Foiler)”

  1. January 18, 2007 at 7:02 am

    Google is the best search engine

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