Pilot Review: Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip

One word: awesome.

The hype was true. Awesome cast, awesome writing, awesome production values. In fact I was so engrossed with the show that I didn’t even notice if there was a walk n’ talk.

The cast is impeccable, truly. It’s hard to mention one person without mentioning everyone. I’d have to say the one stand out for me was Sara Paulson, who pulled off a mean Kristen Chenowith. But if the character is true to its inspiration, I’m thinking Chenowith probably gave the script her personal seal of approval. Perry and Whitford are great, so much so that you forget that these guys are two of the most recognizable actors on TV, yet they can still pull off characters completely different than those that made them famous.

Honestly the only catch the show could possibly have would be its enormous cast. There are people in the cast that you see for like one second in the pilot. That is the worst thing I can come up with. You know what that means? You must watch this show. I’m really too young to remember the hype that surrounded West Wing when it first aired, the excitement about the possibility of great TV that it brought, but I have a feeling Studio 60 is evoking or will evoke the same feelings.

It’s simply great tv.

Interesting fact for my fellow Canadians: Mark McKinney of Kids and the Hall and most recently Slings and Arrows fame is the show’s story editor.


3 Responses to “Pilot Review: Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip”

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