Why Kristen, WHY?

So I went to see Who Killed the Electric Car tonight(awesome movie) and was immediately depressed when the commercials started.

Why you ask?

Well at first I got kinda giddy cause I saw Kristen Bell up on screen. Then I got really sad when I realized she was playing blonde bimbo #1 in an Old Navy commercial. Yes you heard me right, Veronica Mars is selling Old Navy. I was with a friend and I immediately started to kinda freak out. Kristen Bell is so much better than Old Navy. So I bitched for a little while and then 3 or 4 commercials later I had calmed down…..only to see her in another Old Navy commercial. I actually sank into my seat and told my friend to ‘make it stop…MAKE IT STOP.’

I love Kristen Bell, so much, mostly because she’s Veronica and Veronica is totally my new Scully. I understand that the job probably paid a lot but it’s painful to see the brilliant Bell playing a bimbo in love with a puppet in a stupid Old Navy ad. Plus I think the ads were supposed to be funny and yet they just made me sad. I’ve been saying for a few days that I needed a Veronica Mars fix, but that was so not what I was looking for.

Please Kristen, get a new agent. Do some indie movies, anything but Old Navy. Leave that to Morgan Fairchild and Fran Drescher.

To see the ads for yourself: hey fash


1 Response to “Why Kristen, WHY?”

  1. 1 bluecrippler
    August 10, 2006 at 6:25 pm

    But she’s funny in these ads. Funny makes her more.

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