Pilot Reviews: Heroes and Traveler

While I can understand why Heroes has already developed a rabid fan following, I’m just not feeling it. I feel like a lot of the problems I have with the show may be because the pilot I saw was part 1 of 2. I feel like after part 2 I’ll be able to better gauge what I’m feeling. I just felt like so few characters really resonated with me. Of everyone introduced in the pilot the only ones I cared about at the end were the cheerleader and the Japanese geek. The Japanese geek is by far the highlight of the show for me. I just feel like the main flaw with Heroes is going to be that it takes itself way too seriously. And when shows do that it always results in unintentionally funny moments. Even dark shows like Veronica Mars and Lost maintain a sense of humour. So I’ve decided to wait till part 2 before I make up my mind, but as of right now it’s not something I would make time for.

I love shows that deal in mystery and mythology, ones that really make you think. Traveller is one of those shows. Revolving around a bombing and the subsequent conspiracy that engulfs two friends, Traveler is gripping. When the pilot ended I immediately wanted another episode. That’s really only happened with one other drama, The Nine. I won’t say much more about Traveler as it’s really a show one should watch without knowing much. That’s how I went in, and I was pleasantly surprised.

If I had to pick between both shows I’d say Traveler is the better quality of the two. Heroes of course has the buzz, but from what I saw it didn’t really deserve it.

NOTE: Traveler is a midseason replacement show.


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