Fangirl Plea

My biggest tv love of all time has always been The X-Files.  I can’t really describe why, but the show struck a cord with me.  It was my first online fandom, the first fandom.  X-Files defined my youth.  I won’t deny that the show was a shadow of it’s formal self by the time its 9th Season ended(and long before that), but that doesn’t mean that the episodes that came before that weren’t great.

As you all know the 2nd X-Files movie has been in development hell for some time now.  First the actors weren’t interested, then it was gonna happen, then Chris Carter sued Fox.  So now it’s in limbo again and probably won’t be made for another 2 years, if it does ever get made.

Recently Gillian Anderson posted the following on her official website:

And as far as the X-F movie? I have no f****** clue. I think there’s still a law suit, as far as I know the script has not been written, and as much as we all want it to take place as soon as possible, AND YES THAT INCLUDES ME, AND ALWAYS HAS, SO STOP WITH THE NONSENSE! It is out of my hands. Completely. Write to Fox guys, tell them to make it happen!

It’s really nice to know that she’s disputing the recent rumours that she was no longer interested in the movie.  It’s a comfort to the fans, and I think she probably has an understanding when it comes to her fans.

Some fans have listened to Anderson and are starting the petitions.  If you ever watched the show and enjoyed it head over to livejournal group, Createthefuture. They’re trying to get the word out.  Now I realize it’s a pipe dream and odds are it will never happen but as a true X-Files fan I can’t help but remember Mulder’s final words, ‘maybe there’s hope.’  The show never got the ending it deserved, lets try to give it one now.


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