Weeds: S2 E01 ‘Corn Snake’

Times are a changing in Agrestic.  Nancy’s got herself in a whole lot of trouble.  I swear every conversation she has in this episode acts as a catalyst for the big changes this season.  She tells Conrad about her DEA mishap and they end up having an awkward moment about their undefined relationship.  She gives Celia some career advice and pretty much sets the course for destroying her city connections.  She mentions arson and the next thing you know the bakery’s gone.  Nancy’s changing, she’s no longer denying that she’s a dealer, but the thing that was supposed to save her family may start tearing it apart.  Her sons are getting annoyed, her housekeeper is blackmailing her and her personal relationships are a mess.  Great tv folks.

It’s hard to say what direction Weeds is gonna take this year, but I’m excited either way.  It’s one of those shows that I love.  When the screener ended I nearly screamed, it felt like it had been on for 5 minutes.  I do however hope that in the end Nancy doesn’t end up in jail. I don’t watch Weeds for reality, I want her to continue dealing drugs and I want her to get away with it in the end, no matter how wrong it is.

I encourage everyone to tune into Showtime on August 14th for Weeds.  If you’ve never watched before the previously on Weeds should be enough to catch you up.  Season 1’s on DVD as well, it’s only 10 episodes and is an easy 1 day marathon. It’s worth it, Weeds is without a doubt one of the best shows on tv.


3 Responses to “Weeds: S2 E01 ‘Corn Snake’”

  1. August 12, 2006 at 6:57 pm

    I am stoked about the 2nd season premier of “Weeds” though I am alarmed about 1 thing…Romany Malco and Mary Louise Parker have both admitted publicly they were offended by some of the stuff Kenji Johan has put into her 2nd season. That’s interesting and has me even more curious!

  2. August 12, 2006 at 8:02 pm

    Offensive means awesome. I can’t imagine what they could find offensive. Can’t wait for that. I love their relationship on the show and how it’s been carefully portrayed. The thing I love about Weeds is they never forget that ultimately these people are doing very bad things. The addition of Celia to City Council could be a dangerous thing for Nancy and her ‘partners’.

  3. August 23, 2006 at 10:57 am

    The first episode this season was awesome. I caught last season by downloading from the internet, but I think I need to buy the DVD. I can’t wait to check out the next episode. Should be interesting where everythings going if they’re going to grow their own.

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