Flawed to the Nines

Awhile ago I wrote about how I love shows with flawed characters.  Now I’m curious to know what your favourite flawed characters are.  Some of mine are listed below:

Addison Shepherd: Introduced originally as a bitch on wheels Addison quickly evolved into a strong, fragile woman, who despite constantly being referred to as the SheDevil, really a good person at heart.  She backed up Meredith in her first episode when a woman was calling her a homewrecker.  From that moment on Addison got more complex every week.  She’s sexy, strong and brilliant yet still puts up with about as much crap as Derek can give her because she feels guilty about Mark.  Addison knows Derek loves Meredith but is still hoping for the best.  She’s naive, yet not.  By far my favourite character on Grey’s Anatomy.

Logan Echolls:  Logan started off as Veronica Mars’ resident psychotic jackass.  Over the course of two seasons we learned he was brutally abused by his father and cheated on by his girlfriends.  He’s still a jackass, but now he’s one who’s in love with Veronica, no matter how many times she dumps him.  We know Logan will never be the good guy, but I think you guys will agree with me that the damaged guy with good guy potential is more entertaining every-time.

Lorelai Gilmore:  Just when you think she’s got it together, she falls apart.  Lorelai managed to raise a daughter after getting pregnant at 16.  She lived in a shed and worked her way up from maid to Inn Owner.  Her professional life is in check but when it comes to her personal affairs Lorelai Gilmore is a mess.  She dumps a man on the eve of her wedding by going on a roadtrip and not telling the poor guy.  She sleeps with her ex on her parents balcony, only to be dumped when he gets his girlfriend pregnant.  She finally ends up with Luke, the so called love of her life and then proceeds to ruin it by hiding her true feelings about his daughter.  When she finally tells him, she snaps offering him an ultimatum and then runs right back to Rory’s dad for sex when Luke refuses to comply to her demands.  Lorelai’s great because even at near 40 she’s a mess.  She’s obviously pathetic, but we feel for her.  We want her to be happy, but we realize that she’s gonna have to grow up to get her happy ending.  My optimism about Lorelai’s potential growth next season is the only thing that’s going to keep me tuned into to Gilmore Girls. 

So folks, those are 3 of my favourites, who are yours?


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