Weeds: S2 E2 ‘Cooking with Jesus’

This episode is by far my favourite of the series. I laughed out loud so many times. Not just normal laugh out loud, but really loud from the gut laughs. A few things are said that I never thought I would hear on television. I don’t wanna ruin the awesomeness of it for you, but I have two words to say, ‘cancer cunt.’ Best. Line. Ever.

Parker is once again great. The vulnerability in her eyes when she has to reject Peter. It’s heartbreaking. When she looks up you can see how much Nancy really likes the guy. Man, does the woman have bad luck with men.

Celia gets a bunch of great zingers in and Perkins gets to shine with a key scene of vulnerbility. Celia may be a bitch on the outside, but on the inside she just wants to be loved. Isabelle has a hysterical line as well that I won’t repeat. Too good.

Now for the real juice…the end. The end of this episode is a shock. Sure, it becomes obvious about a minute before it happens, but even when the final lines are said, it’s still shocking. Obviously setting the course for the season to come.

Weeds has really brought it up a notch this season. I don’t remember it being this funny or great before.

And seriously, Nancy has a water-park in her back yard. How did Denny Duquette not leave her lots of money? Willing suspension of disbelief I suppose.


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