Apparently They Listen…

So you may have just read me squealing about the awesomeness of Tom O’Neil when talking about Gilmore Girls.  What I hadn’t read on Gold Derby was Tom talking about how he often ends up choosing some celebs admission tapes.  Whether said celeb is trolling the site, getting into a fight with him over the phone or having a conversation over lunch his voice is heard.  I wasn’t kidding before when I said celebs trusted his opinion.

If you like the business of the Emmy’s, read the article I’m referring to.  It’s great stuff.

(Now for full disclosure I’ll admit that I’ve been a fan of Tom’s for years.  I have a gold derby account.  Two years ago I interned at an Entertainment Tonight-esque show here in Toronto and every Wednesday was Tom O’Neil day where he’d dish via satellite celeb gossip to the host.  Lets just say I may have went out of my way to get in studio on Wednesdays.  What O’Neil does, predicting the Emmy’s is an art-form to me.  There’s no denying that I love pop culture, but it’s the little things, like the Emmy nominations and submissions that I love most.  Tom’s like a tv icon for me because not only does he get paid for watching tv, but important folks listen to what he has to say.)


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  1. January 18, 2007 at 6:56 am

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