Gilmore Girls Emmy Switch

Remember all the fuss about Lauren Graham getting shut out of the Emmy’s this year?  How the fangirls got on their knees and wailed in agony….GG fangirls are insane.

Well Tom O’Neil over at Gold Derby is confirming what everyone already knew should happen by saying that next year the Gilmore Girls will be entered into the drama category.  Refusal to move from comedy to drama was all Amy Sherman Palladino and now that she’s gone the show’s finally doing the right thing.

Ultimately the reason why Graham was ignored this year was because she submitted Partings, the season finale.  I blogged when the nominations were announced that even I, an admitted GG fangirl wouldn’t have nominated Ms. Graham for that episode.  Now if the show had been in the drama category, I’d be speaking a different tune.

I encourage everyone to read Gold Derby because not only is it informative, but it’s always true.  O’Neil knows what he’s talking about.  When Sarah Jessica Parker finally won her Emmy she thanked O’Neil for helping her with her episode submission.   He knows tv and he understands that the Emmy’s are a popularity contest that can be won by doing the right things.  Sad but true folks.


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