5 Returning Shows I’m Most Excited About

1. Gilmore Girls: I’m at an impasse with Gilmore Girls. I feel like I’m on a verge of a break with the show. Last season tested my patience before the finale and the ‘cliffhanger’ didn’t help. My anger wasn’t that Lorelai broke up with Luke(she should have months before), it was that the writers abandoned Lorelai’s character development in Season 5 by making her run back to Christopher. That being said, miserable Lorelai is painful to watch. So if the writers do embark on a Lorelai and Christopher relationship I just ask that they don’t make her miserable. She made her decision by sleeping with him, she needs to deal with it like an adult. If David Rosenthal can fix the Season 6 character destruction of Luke and Lorelai and give them their spines back then I don’t care if they get back together. Wow, that sounded depressing.

2. Grey’s Anatomy: My relationship with Grey’s Anatomy is an interesting one. I’m not really attached to any of the characters and their current relationships. I could care less who Meredith chooses, what happens with Izzy or if George ever grows a pair. What I do wanna see is Addison and Derek end their relationship. The writers need to flesh out the characters a little more. We know so little back-story about their marriage and even their lives. I’m assuming the addition of McSteamy to the cast early on in the season should allow for some development of Addison, but I’d like to see her character not attached to any man. It’s just repetitive. I am excited to see more background on the Chief and Ellis and of course Christina and Burke growing closer together. Grey’s hit it out of the park in its 2nd season, here’s hoping season 3 is just as good.

3. Lost: So many questions, so few answers. I love Lost because it’s complicated. It reminds of the great days of the X-Files when the mythology was a well oiled machine. Lost reinvents itself every season, in my opinion for the better. The addition of Penny and the Others can only lead to more complex and gripping storylines. However nothing has me more excited than the structure for next season; the 6 hour miniseries and then the continuation in Jan/February. Seeing the big three in captivity, dealing with completely new surroundings, their relationship with the others and inevitably their relationship with one another is guaranteed to be great television.

4 . The Office: The first episode of The Office I ever saw was last seasons finale, Casino Night. I’d heard the show was fun, but never gave it a chance. This summer I had the opportunity to catch up and I’m happy I did. It’s my type of humour and the characters are great. Dwight’s blind devotion to Michael, Angela’s craziness and everyone else in Dunder/Mifflin make me chuckle. BUT, the real reason I find myself so attached to the office is Jim and Pam. The chemistry between the actors is fantastic and I could not be rooting more for Jim. Pam needs to grow up and realize that what she has with Roy is not a healthy relationship. It’s comfort because she’s too scared to take any chances in life. Why she stayed with a man who left her at a hockey arena on their first date amazes me. I don’t expect Jim and Pam to get together next season, but I do expect Pam to dump Roy and hopefully discover what she wants to do with her life.

5. Veronica Mars: There’s no doubt that I love Veronica Mars. I love the complexity of the characters, the snarkiness and the mythology. HOWEVER, Veronica Mars is the show I’m most worried about next season. Everything about Veronica is changing, from the structure(1 to 3 mysteries), to the setting (from high school to Hearst) to the characters (introduction of Piz and Parker as regulars). Add to that the 13 episode pickup and the dependency on Gilmore Girls for new viewers and Veronica’s got an uphill battle. Lots of shows have difficulty switching from High School to University settings and I hope Veronica doesn’t fall victim to this. It’s gonna be a difficult transition.


1 Response to “5 Returning Shows I’m Most Excited About”

  1. August 27, 2006 at 11:39 pm

    You are my friend! I love every show you mentioned. I also want the same thing from Grey’s Anatomy – although I love the Christina and Burke storylines too. Veronica Mars is good. It will prove it this season. That, though, has nothing to do with whether or not they keep the show on the air. Jim and Pam of the Office…. yes, that is a love story I can’t wait to see more of. Gilmore Girls… something has to be different. I can’t wait to see if David Rosenthal does it.

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