Random Emmy Thoughts

So I gave in and watched the beginning and the end. Did not enjoy myself. Man, that was just not right.

However there were a few interesting moments:

Jeremy Piven won. Yay! Entourage was great tonight by the way. Way better than this stupid show.

I’m not gonna comment about Mullally.

Blythe Danner made a smart ass comment about people take the awards too seriously. ‘We’re just celebrating our craft.’ Yeah, you’re supposed to be celebrating the BEST of your craft. That being said Danner was great on Huff. Imagine Emily Gilmore on crack and you’ve got Blythe on Huff.

Hellen Mirren: Ass over tit. Yeah, could not love her more.

Best Actress(Comedy): Debra Messing screaming out to Julia Louis-Dreyfus to say her husband. That was the only thing that saved my head from exploding. Neither Kudrow, nor Kaczmarek. Yeah, crime. But Dreyfus addressed the curse and that was cute.

Best Actress Drama: I can honestly say I’ve never screamed WTF so many times in the course of an hour. I know Michael Ausiello’s probably dead somewhere because of Mariska’s win, but I just can justify it. All i can say is at least Allison Janney didn’t win.

Best Actor(Comedy): Tony Shaloub folks, yeah, WTF.

The Office: Thank you Emmy’s. Thank you for doing one category that doesn’t make me scream out in anger. Ok, the creator thanked Jeff Zucker. I just shifted my support to Scrubs. Damnit.

Best Drama: God damnit man, I was hoping an Emmy win for Grey’s would encourage Ellen Pompeo to eat. 24’s an alright show in my opinion, but it’s so not the best show on television.

Lauren Graham should be happy she was saved from attending.


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