The Real Network Heads: The PTC

Of course, I had forgotten about how rare it was these days to actually have a sense of humour.

One group, the Parent’s Television Council has filed a complaint with the FCC because of the remark. And of course this is going to result in fines. Probably big fines for every affiliate that aired the awards show. BECAUSE OF ONE COMPLAINT.

This brings to mind my favourite scene in the Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip premiere when Studio 60’s executive producer Wes is getting into a fight with the network’s standards and practices guy because of the fear that one religious group complaining would cost the network a fortune.

It’s scary that we live in a world where certain groups and lobbyists can have so much control over what goes on on the air.

And I’m sorry, if your kid watched the ENTIRE Emmy’s that means the kid watches a lot of tv and therefore has heard/seen much worse. A show like 24 can be violent as hell and not get any fines, but an off hand remark by Helen Mirren can elicit a riot. I just wish these groups would focus on getting parents to monitor what their children watch before the fact, rather than just screaming bloody murder afterwards.

Yeah, this is just great.

[Complaint Article Link]


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