It’s Official Folks: I’m All Out

I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls since the pilot.  For years I’ve loved the show, even when quality started to waver in Season 4.  Then Season 6 tested my patience like no show ever had before.  I was planning to give the show the benefit of the doubt in Season 7 (even after reading discouraging spoilers), but now I’m cutting it out of my schedule.

The following is an excerpt from Michael Ausiello’s recent Gilmore Girls pilot review:

Ironically, the weakest part of the episode was something boss man Rosenthal likely had little control over: Lauren Graham‘s emotionally guarded performance. Don’t get me wrong, LG was at her gloriously pithy best. And a summer away in North Carolina shooting Evan Almighty clearly suited her; she looks even more fetching than usual, if that’s possible. But much of the episode called for Lorelai to be distraught over what she had done to Luke (i.e. bedding Christopher), and, unfortunately, LG rarely gives you a sense of that anguish. Lorelai behaves as if she had just broken up with some poor schlub she dated for a few weeks — a Max, for crying out loud — rather than the love of her life. The final, heartbreaking scene should have torn Lorelai’s insides up but instead elicits little more than a frown. The way it plays, she’s not devastated, she pities Luke. Huh?

Perhaps a line change in the episode may shed some light on the show’s direction this season – and, possibly, the increased creative role LG has in this post-Palladino era. In a telephone conversation with Christopher, Lorelai — according to Rosenthal’s original script — told her ex this “will never happen again.” This, of course, being the dirty deed. But on screen, the line was delivered as, “I don’t think it should happen again.”

That’s a big difference. And not a positive one, IMHO. Regardless of where you fall in the Luke vs. Christopher debate, I think we can all agree that it’s extremely out of character for Lorelai to even entertain the idea of falling back into the sack with Christopher mere hours after the original sin was committed. If Lorelai loves Luke the way we were led to believe she does, she would be disgusted with herself and would have instantly rejected such a notion – regardless of where the exes are headed later this season.

The only reason I was holding out hope was that Lauren Graham would be able to sell what the writers were putting out there.  Apparently neither the writers nor Lauren Graham have been watching the same show I have the past 6 years.   If Lorelai’s indifferent towards Luke and warm towards Chris immediately, there’s no saving the show.  Last season I thought they established that Luke was her ‘one’, not Mr. Right Now.  I never thought I’d say this, but I really wish Amy hadn’t left.

Unlike Ausiello, I’m unable to ignore such a glaring inconsistency.  Especially since that relationship has been Lorelai’s main story arc for the past two seasons, and was hinted at for 4 years before that.

It’s hard when you realize a show you loved for so long is no longer for you.   Looks like Tuesday night is now all about Veronica Mars.  I think I can handle that.

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1 Response to “It’s Official Folks: I’m All Out”

  1. 1 Noële Filius
    September 28, 2006 at 5:40 pm

    Love your comments. Thank you. I totally agree with you and like you I am all out. Reading blogs (not always for my own good) about the upcoming season 7 and what it has in store for us, it will indeed be mostly about Lorelai and Christopher and not so much about Lorelai and Luke, except for harping on the break up and giving us more “grumpy” Luke. Lorelai recovers quickly from her “mistake” and gets “romantically involved” with Christopher and that will be going on for much of the season, according to reports from Michael Ausiello and other spoilers. David Sutcliffe was signed up by the Palladinos for 13 episodes and in an interview with Michael he said 6 more have been added, that is practically the entire season. Like you I have followed that show since it first aired and I have all the DVDs and I “used to” like going over details of the show, but this is now gone. The Palladinos strung us along to believe that Lorelai and Luke are meant for each other. They make it happen all the way to the wedding preparation and they do a complete about face, the rationale of which I think will always remain a mystery. Granted that D. Rosenthal was not left with an easy task trying to fix such an unthinkable and disastrous ending to a disastrous Season 6, but he takes no heed of what the majority of the fans want and shoves more Christopher down our throat, although I have noticed as a result of making Luke such a jerk in S6 a lot of people are starting to warm up to the idea of a Chris and Lor romance. Yuk. People have short or selective memory when it comes to Christopher’s history and I find that the Powers That Be, writers, producers, networks have complete disregard for what the fans really want and GG is proof of that.

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