The Day Michael Moore Cried…

It’s hard to describe what I just saw go down at TIFF.  Michael Moore appeared doing a Q and A with Larry Charles.  Everything was going fine until Moore showed clips from his upcoming DVD, 2004: A Slacker Uprising.  The clips came on….and the audio was distorted to hell.  The audience was cringing.  After the clip Moore walked back out on stage and addressed the issue.  He was PISSED, as was Charles who had his WORLD PREMIERE of Borat shut down 25 minutes into the screening the night before because the projector BLEW UP.

So the fest tries to fix the issue, about 20 minutes later they go to show another clip from slacker uprising and the sound is even worse.  Moore shuts it down, it goes to black and Moore and Charles walk back onto the stage completely dejected.  You could cut the tension with a knife.

So then they save the show by going off book in some hysterical segments.  Moore comparing American football to rugby, Moore talking about his first ever pedicure, Moore breaking his confidentiality agreement with Time Magazine and announcing that he was selected with Mel Gibson to be Time’s men of the year in 2004 as long as both Gibson and Moore would agree to a photo op together.  Moore flies to LA but Mel at the last minute drops out because he’s scared shitless.  Time went on to put Bush on the cover.

So the convo goes on and every time Moore is hitting a comedic high the programmer for the Elgin theatre comes out and interrupts him.  At one point Moore gets pissed and yells at the guy for interupting. The guy cowers away with his hands behind his back.  Moore goes on to bring the house down with his analogy of American football and how it’s a prime example of why America is screwed.  All for one and one for all.  I can’t describe it, but the audience was in TEARS.

So it finally gets to the point where Moore is going to debut the first 3 segments from Sicko.  The film is just being edited right now.  The audio decides to work and the audience goes insane.  The 3 clips are hysterical, the highlight being a Norwegian prison that lets a murderer who killed 2 people with a chainsaw do time by using a chainsaw in the forest.

Eventually Moore had to cancel the rest of the clips because Borat was rescheduled for a 12am screening and people had been outside in the rain for hours waiting.  Moore was obviously pissed, as was Charles who was so terrified of further technical issues he had producer Jay Roach inspecting the audio equipment in full view of the audience.

I’ll post more about the event later, I just wanted to get this out before it hit the net.

By far my most memorable Tiff experience, more memorable than even working the festival in the past.


2 Responses to “The Day Michael Moore Cried…”

  1. 1 Diana's friend John
    September 9, 2006 at 4:14 pm

    “If I’m going down, the ball’s going down too!” My glasses were fogging up in the 4th row from the steam coming out of Moore’s ears!

  2. September 9, 2006 at 10:14 pm

    “You’ve got cancer? FUCK YOU. You’re a fucking loser.”

    Ah, the American way.

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