The Cult of Shonda

Here’s the thing, you either love Grey’s Anatomy or you hate it.  And for those that love it, they LOVE IT.  I go to a broadcasting school and there are two tv cults there: the 24 cult and the Grey’s Anatomy cult.  Last year there was no point in going to class on Tuesdays if you hadn’t seen 24, I actually know lots of people who skipped so they wouldn’t be spoiled while they waited for it to download.

Grey’s has the same effect.  In Canada last year we didn’t get promos for next weeks episode so it became a race to see who could get it first.  I of course, being one of the few who had watched the show since day 1 knew all the sites to go to(this was before Grey’s had a presence on YouTube).  So imagine this, it’s our 10 minute break in our night time sales and advertising class and like 10 girls crowd around my laptop to watch the latest promo.  Repeatedly, with freeze framing.  Yeah, total cult.  Also my most anticipated show for fall.  I really could not love it more.

That being said, here’s the most recent promo(i’ll edit out the commercial in the beginning after I’m done my move to new digs):

Spoiler:  Notice Addison looking at something black in her shot?  If those are Meredith’s panties and Addison is the one that puts them up on the bulletin board I’ll be even more in love.  The bitch is back baby!


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  1. January 18, 2007 at 6:57 am

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