I Need A Favour…..

So here’s the deal, if you’re watching Gimore Girls tonight and are gonna change your channel or turn off the tv at 9, DON’T. If you stick around an extra hour I promise you you’ll be watching a show that is leagues above Gilmore in every way.

Veronica Mars is a phrase my friends know all too well. For the past year I’ve been a Veronica groupie of sorts. I championed the show so much that it backfired and my inner circle now use it as a way to make fun of me. That’s fine, our friendships are routed on making fun of one another, but this, this blogger/reader relationship I have here on wordpress is different. You guys really NEED to watch this show.

Tonight Veronica starts its 3rd season on The CW. It’s being structured so you can just sit down and watch. Unlike the past two seasons the writers have minimized continuing story arcs because they want you, the new viewers to give them a shot.

I promise you Veronica won’t leave you hanging. It’s smart, snarky, well written and for you fangirls out there it has pretty boys. Really, the show has no downside. Please give it a shot. Take a leap of faith, you won’t be dissipointed.

I refuse to post a synopsis of the show since it more often than not gets lost in translation. Instead here’s a promo to give you a taste of what you’re missing if you let this show go under your radar.


1 Response to “I Need A Favour…..”

  1. 1 Jenny
    October 3, 2006 at 6:19 pm

    hmm.. this was nice.
    its kinda funny because i got in to GG watching VM! hehe.

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