Random Tv Musings

So Gilmore Girls shocked me tonight. Why? It was good, very good. I did not expect that. In fact it was so good it’s enough to get me to tune in to episode 3 live, something I was not planning on doing.

Veronica Mars was not my favourite. It was exposition heavy and obviously made for newbees. As an obsessed fangirl of the show I felt like it was pandering to morons. But hey, the show needs all the new viewers it can get.

Lost is on tonight! No matter how spoiled I am, the show still excites me more than anything else of tv.

Also, stay tuned after Lost for the best new show of the season, The Nine. It’s a pilot where you’ll be addicted by the end of the hour. So much so I had a relative yell at me when I told her I only had one episode to show her. She needed more. Watch it. If you like Lost, you’ll like The Nine. Read my pilot review here.

I’m in love with Grey’s Anatomy. If you read this blog regularly or know me in person you know I’m kind of crazy about it. Especially Addison. I love Addison more than I really should love a fictional character. The clip below(from Thursday’s upcoming episode) only makes me love her more:

Seriously, how fun is that relationship gonna be to watch? I have a feeling Mark brings out the fun side in Addison. The loose side we that only get to see when she’s drunk and eating muffins. I can’t wait.

PS, thanks to Bulldawg4life for promoting this blog.  You rock man.


1 Response to “Random Tv Musings”

  1. October 4, 2006 at 1:59 pm

    Yeah; Gilmore Girls really gave the ball up for some episodes to follow; Lorelai and Rory especially it was like the good old days when they argued the Chris incedent. Really looking forward to what comes next… It is almost like christmas again. Well, it soon is anyway.
    And I’ll look up the nine; U have been right before.
    Enjoying your writing very much still and have a great day…

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