Lost: Thoughts and Questions

I posted this on my personal blog a few days ago and for some reason forgot to post it here.

So I loved it. Lost makes me happy. I never understand what’s happening but it makes me happy.

Here’s my biggy, was Kate raped? Because the handcuff scars in combo with the crying makes me think the Others did something to the poor girl. They don’t strike me as folks that would engage in physical torture, they seem more like they enjoy the emotional and psychological kind.

Who thinks there’s a shot in hell that Kate picks Jack? Because I don’t. Man her and Sawyer were giving each other dirty looks. So good. Of course there’s the chance Sawyer is just a diversion and Kate and Jack will end up doing it like bunnies…doubtful, but I certainly wouldn’t complain.

How many episodes before Juliette switches side? I’m thinking by the 6th she’ll be with the Losties and Jackie boy. Although it’s kinda freaky that she looks like Sara. She’s a nice little side project for Jack to work on. I totally love her.

The dude in the other cage was so planted.

And hey, vague polar bear reference. Yay continuity! As an old school Xfiles fan I’m all over the continuity, of course on that show I was happy when they remembered characters names….

Is it wrong that I totally love the show with the 3 characters and the Others. All they’d have to do is throw in some Libby and I’d be good to go forever.

I’m really getting scared as to what the 6th episode cliffhanger’s gonna be. I know they’re make me wanna kill myself.

Can’t wait though!


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