Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: ‘The West Coast Delay’ (S1E104)

The past two weeks have been really discouraging for this Sorkin fan. I thought Studio 60 started off great and then fizzled out. The drama was dull, the characters weak and the comedy painful. BUT, now I’m thinking there’s a possibility that’s all in the past.

This week I felt like Studio 60 delivered on the drama and surprisingly the comedy. By far my favourite episode of the show. I guess this is a good sign. And they can do no wrong over the next two weeks with Lauren Graham. In fact, if they produce a bad hour of TV that features Lauren Graham I will give up on the show forever. The woman could read the phone-book and make it engaging. She’s just that good. Ok, fangirl out. Live blog comments below.


I really like Matt and Harriet, especially Harriet. I don’t know if it’s Sara Paulson’s performance or Sorkin’s attempt at Ainsley2.0 that does it, but I really like her.

Once again the writer’s produce a ‘funny’ piece that isn’t funny. Oh, what a surprise. It’s Mattie’s job to remind the audience that we don’t determine funny, Sorkin does. If Sorkin by way of Matt says ‘This is funny,’ we must bow down. Please god let something funny happy this hour. PLEASE.

On a side note for the 2nd week in a row Lucy Davis is there as a writer! If you guys don’t know who Lucy is you should be ashamed. I’d continue typing about your stupidity in not knowing something so obvious, but I am not Sorkin and therefore am not a giant ass. (Davis played Dawn on the BBC Version of The Office. If you like Jim and Pam, you’ll love Tim and Dawn. Go rent/download now! It’s an order)

Commercial Break

Act 1:
CHRISTINE LAHTI! Ok, I love this episode already. She’s Martha? Seriously? If they’re still pursuing this Danny/Martha relationship she better bring it up a notch. When it comes to chemistry with Whitford the bar is high baby, very high. This is the point in the liveblog where I’d like to beg Aaron Sorkin to bring Janel Maloney on the show. I don’t care what she does. Her presence soothes me.

I chuckled at the levee/black people joke. Does that make me stupid?

Simon commenting on Harriet’s slow story made me chuckle. (It also reminded me of Sniffy’s. Man, I miss good Gilmore Girls.) Dude, 2 laughs in a minute. Who knew?

Burlesque dancers and Sorkin……certainly a sight I never expected to see. Looks like he just lowered his own bar a notch.

‘Call me baby, with a comma after me.’ Ah Mattie’s pretentious in a cute way. I’ll let the obvious Sorkin insult go here. He made me laugh this act, he deserves a break.

Commercial Break

Ok I’m confused, I thought I was feeling the Danny/Jordan chemistry and now there’s Martha. Will this show please tell me who to ship for. It’s 4 episodes in and I still don’t have a clue who I’m supposed to want together aside from Matt and Danny.

Ooh Jordan’s spewing off boring marketing terms. She has a crib sheet! I really do enjoy Jordan.

Danny’s swooning. Somewhere Donna’s ears are bleeding.

Oh Matt and Danny are talking sports. I’m closing my eyes and dreaming of Dan and Casey. If I squint hard enough I can pretend Lahti is Dana and ABC never cancelled such an awesome show.

Jeraldo’s still on the air? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

Ok as a tech nerd I wanna know why most people on Studio 60 use Macs, but Martha walks in and she’s sporting a Dell that’s running Windows Media Player. Maureen Dowd wouldn’t be caught dead with a PC. No way in hell. You know she picks out a laptop that goes with her hair. That’s why she rocks.


‘The interns are already on the phone.’ Damn right they are! Interns FTW. By the way I’d just like to congratulate myself on getting a paid internship in Canada. Otherwise known as a miracle.

Seriously, I love Harriet. She’s my new Donna. If only the show had a Josh…..wait, nevermind. Ok that wasn’t even funny while I was typing. Next.


Harriet’s Juliette Lewis is great. I laughed. I lost count at how many times I chuckled this hour. I think I may have to stop insulting Sorkin and return to being one of his crack whores. I swear, that was the last one.

Ok that audience is awesome. I remember a Montell Williams producer that I heard guest lecture first year who said she actually had to pay her audience. And yes, they looked exactly like that. How funny was Jordan asking what colour their gang was? Jordan and Harriet make me happy. Hey, there’s a ship I didn’t think of before!

I respect Ricky and Ron for taking that stand and not outing that writer. I still think they’re idiots, but I respect them now.

So here’s the part where I’d comment on the end of the show but…….

The CTV feed cut out early. Yay CTV for messing up once again. Looks like I’m watching the later feed now to see the true end. I’ll report back when it’s done at 11.

End live blog.

Author’s note: I take pot shots at Sorkin because it’s easy and I’m a cheap writer. (Which is why none of the remarks were even remotely funny) I love him. Sports Night and West Wing are the holy grail of TV for me. So yeah, I couldn’t make fun of him without feeling guilty. Sorry Mr. Sorkin, you rock. Just please make the sketches better.


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