Shows That Deserve Your Attention

First of all let me just say Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians. Hope it’s a good one and your family doesn’t drive you insane.

Now for my plea:

WATCH MEN IN TREES! I know, I never thought I’d be promoting a show that stars Anne Heche, but it’s fun. I wasn’t a big fan of the pilot. It illicited no reaction out of me, I didn’t even review it here. However 5 episodes in and the show has hit its stride. It’s funny and cute. Plus the voice-overs are so Carrie Bradshaw. Now here’s the problem, Men in Trees is on Friday nights. I don’t think I’ve ever watched it live. Fridays is just a bad night to watch tv. However unless ABC decides to move its time-slot Friday will be the only time to see this adorable show. Every character is fun and dare I saw quirky. Not Stars Hollow insane quirky, just fun and quirky. So please, PVR it, DVR it, VCR it, do whatever you can to make sure you see Men With Trees. It’s a shame when good tv dies before its time. Don’t let this show up on a future Brilliant But Cancelled.
Men in Trees: Fridays at 9/8c on ABC.

You know what’s more surprising than enjoying a show with Anne Heche? Enjoying a show with Calista Flockhart.  Brothers and Sisters is another show that didn’t make an impact with me upon first viewing.  I gave it chance and it’s really grown on me.  What I love the most is the true depiction of siblings and family.  You don’t have to like your family, you just have to love them.  So yes the show is another family drama, but it’s also a complex mystery that is just slowly beginning to unravel.  Plus, it has Sally Field on my TV screen once a week.  I can’t turn that down.  Can you?
Brothers and Sisters: Sunday 10/9c on ABC. (It’s totally better than Desperate Housewives. ….not that that means anything anymore.)


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