Dumbass Move of the Day

FoxTV has decided to greenlight a tv show based on the book ‘A Devil Wears Prada’.  Fox, being the trendsetters they are think there’s a market for a tv show like this. I agree. They’re called Ugly Betty viewers.
I’m really getting annoyed with Fox’s horrible programming strategies. It’s all copy, copy, copy. Sure, Ugly Betty feels like a copy of Prada but it’s not. The televnovella in which the show was based has been around longer than the novel.

And I’m a fan of the film but have never read the book because I heard it was hackery at its highest form. Honestly when I remember that movie I remember one thing, Meryl Streep. As much as Hathaway tried to shine and Tucci ate up the scenery that was Meryl Streep’s movie. And frankly the movie took the concept about as far as I need to see it go.

I like Ugly Betty and think Selma Hayek has produced a gem and found a true star with America Ferrera. No way Fox is gonna find someone with the same presence and charisma.

Fox should leave all programming decisions to Mike Darnell, at least they can use him as a scapegoat when all else fails. Wait, that’s just wishful thinking on my behalf…


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