Brothers & Sisters: Family Portrait (S1EP04)

So this is my first weekly blog about Brothers and Sisters. The show didn’t impress me after the first episode but I gave it a chance and it really hit its stride. What I really love is its depiction of brothers and sisters. The writers and the cast do a great job of making the family on the show seem real. Everyone’s flawed and snarky with each other. I love it.

Kitty continues to flirt with Warren until she tells him her legs are closed, for good. This makes Warren sad, he seems to genuinely like Kitty. I don’t know why. She still loves Jonathan. I don’t know why. He seemed like a total ass. Controlling ass. I think she should date Warren. He has pretty hair. Honestly who needs more than hair? Donna Moss certainly didn’t. And am I the only one that thinks Jonathan and Warren are secretly twins separated at birth? They look so much alike it freaks me out a bit. Warren’s totally hotter though.

So nepotism gets Justin a bellman job at a hotel where the manager turns out to be some girl who crushed on him in high school. Sure she sounds sweet but she’s quick to remind Justin that he’s a failure because he’s just a busboy. I’m quick to remind her that she’s a failure because she’s just managing a single hotel. Talk to me when you’ve got control of a chain, bitch. Turns out she’s not all bad because when Justin gets wasted on the job she gives him another chance. I’m totally not buying his tortured emo soul routine. I love how the show has just ignored the fact that he’s a veteren since the pilot. That makes me laugh.

Nora, still fresh from her wickedly delicious bitchslap of Holly last week is invited to a golf game to honour her late lying/traitorous husband. She of course brings the gay son. That’s not stereotypical at all. They both snark their way through the game and leave early to watch a movie. Sally Field looked totally cute in that golf gear. I’m such an argyle whore. Anyway, at the movie Kevin sees this guy he likes with another guy. He broods then yells at his mother for turning him into her own personal Gay handbag. This is where I laugh at him. He should just tell the boy he likes him, the guy made him cupcakes damnit. One phone call and all would be resolved, but NO Kevin has to go and act like he’s 14. He’s so pulling a Palladino.

Continuing in the stupid adolescent behaviour, once again the walls have ears in the Walker household has something Kitty says goes wrong. You think they’d learn not to tell each anything but there Walker’s are optimistic folks. Crazy kids. So Kitty calls Sara and emotionally retarded workoholic to Sara’s husband who of course goes and rats. So when Kitty throws out the obvious anvil that she thinks Sara’s daughter Paige is sick, Sara snaps and brings up the past comment. My response: Bitch, that’s what sisters do. Accept and move on. I’d say go screw a football team but Sara’s not Brenda Fisher. That disappoints me. To no end.

So it turns out Sara snapped at Kitty for no reason because Kitty’s assumption that there was something wrong with Paige rings true when she falls into a mini-coma and is diagnosed with diabetes. So yeah, Kitty 1, Sara 0.

In the end the family bonds together over Paige’s illness. Kitty and Nora decide to stop being petty and just love one another. Sara breaks down because she thinks she’s a horrible mother and I realize that I’ve somehow fallen in love with a lifetime network drama. Oh well, too late to stop now.

Ok I just have to say it’s awesome that they brought out the KD Lang in the final scene. Canadian songs FTW!

So folks, what did you think of the episode and/or the review?

Favourite Lines:
Sara to Kitty(after Kitty offers to babysit), ‘No, our kids our democrats.’

Next week:
Treat Williams arrives to rock Nora’s world. Everwood fans everywhere cry.


3 Responses to “Brothers & Sisters: Family Portrait (S1EP04)”

  1. 1 bigfan62
    October 16, 2006 at 12:09 pm

    Are you part of a big family? All walls have ears, and you can assume that what you tell one will eventually get back to the subject, which is often the intent. The reality of those incidents, and the fact that most singles in love revert to 14 year old status periodically makes this show ring true. I love this show, and your blog.

  2. 2 Jenn
    October 18, 2006 at 8:41 pm

    I missed this episode and couldn’t find a recap anywhere until I found your blog. THANK YOU!

  3. October 18, 2006 at 10:30 pm

    Glad to know people are finding the entries useful.

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