Heroes: Act 4 Collision(S1E04)

So Heroes is doing something in the first few episodes that I never expected…having the characters meet. In the course of an hour Nikki met Nathan, Peter met Mohinder and at the very end Peter met Hiro, in the future.

Evil Glasses Man is up to no good. Aside from creeping me out whenever he has a scene with Claire, he’s taken to kidnapping Matt and torturing him and setting Nathan and Nikki up for the same treatment. The silent man from last week is back as well. He’s not Sylar like I previously thought, but the stereotypical silent evil dude.

So what happened this week you ask? Nikki2.0 kicked some ass and then slept with Nathan, Claire killed Brody who turned out to be quite the serial rapist and Hiro after getting beaten up for cheating in Vegas made his way to the future to warn Nathan…about something. Looks like the show is really picking up.

I can’t wait for sweeps.

If you want a freakishly detailed recap, read below. I got carried away tonight. Won’t happen again.

Heroes Week 4

Ok, so the show starts out with Freaky Glasses Man testing/torturing Matt. Freaky Glasses Man is officially my new Cigarette Smoking Man. He’s all cryptic and obviously evil. Plus you know he thinks dirty things about Claire. Sick bastard.

We cut to Vegas where Hiro is fulfilling his prophesy by the slot machines. I’m sorry if this guy can teleport I’d teleport myself to the day after the powerball lottery, steal the numbers and go back in time to win the sucker. I don’t care if it’s unethical. Imagine all the crime fighting and heroing he could do with it! Hiro still can’t get a hold of Isaac because he’s all Japanese. He says, ‘I need to learn to say…you’re going to die in 5 weeks and then New York City will explode.’ Man Hiro could not be cuter.

Ok dude, I love this show. Nikki and Hiro just crossed paths for the first time. It was a Lost moment.  The writers are obviously gonna set these people up together quicker than I thought. Scary Vegas girl tells Nikki her debt will be excused if she entertains a politician from New York. Looks like Nikki’s gonna meet Nathan!

Cut to Claire. Apparently the hot jock stripped her naked and threw her in the river. What a catch you got there Claire. So she’s all cut open on an autopsy table and she wakes up. It takes her two minutes to heal, she throws on some clothes and runs the hell out of there. Nikki has by far the coolest power. Sure Hiro’s all adorable and geeky but Claire can be flayed open with her insides exposed and then be back together in moments. So cool.

Cut to montage with generic ‘trendy’ music. Isaac’s all sad because Simone had fun with Peter. My advice to Isaac? Stop doing drugs and acting like a psychopath. It’s the reason she dumped your ass.

Nathan’s getting into his black SUV when Suresh runs up to him saying his life is in danger. Nathan responds, ‘Can you be a little bit more specific? 12% of the electorate opposes me.’ He tells his people to get rid of Suresh. Stupid move dumbass. Nathan is apparently on his way to Vegas where Nikki is probably gonna castrate him without realizing it. See how much she freaks out waking up with that in her hand.

Peter wakes up all naked with Simone. Nathan arrives accusing Peter of putting Seresh on his trail. He bribes Nathan and leaves. Such a great brother/brother relationship they have going. So Peter tries to be sweet with Simone but she gives him a swift kick back into reality and says she just broke up with Isaac and she doesn’t know what they are. Am I the only one who doesn’t care what they are? Unless Simone has a superpower she doesn’t interest me.

Freaky glasses man has a really weird conversation with Claire about the footballer. He tries to be all fatherly but he just creeps me out. There’s some nasty vibe between these two. Claire breaks down in front of her brother. I mean she has justification, she was brutally murdered by the cute boy at school. Not exactly how you expect making out on the bleachers to end up. Pregnant maybe. Dead, definitely not.

Someone delivers his dad’s ashes to Mohinder. I zone out here. Once again Mohinder is boring me. Plus his sidekick is gonna turn out to be evil. That could not be more obvious. I zone back in and there’s a knock on the door. Nathan’s there! Mohinder and Nathan have officially met. Nathan arrived just in time to stop Mohinder’s crisis of faith. He’s gonna see it as a sign to continue his crusade. I see it as a way to annoy me in between the other cool subplots.

So Hiro’s in Vegas and he freezes time to rig the roulette wheel. I’m officially in love. He’s gonna cheat in Vegas. It’s his super power system. I love him.

Man, Ali Larter can’t act. Nikki’s worrying about the fact that she may have butchered the guys in her garage. I love how there’s doubt in her mind. She did butcher them. In fact, she tore one of them in half. Nikki’s alter ego is quite the bad ass. Too bad Larter will never be able to portray that. You know who else can’t act? The kid that plays Micca. These two kill me. Apparently Micca knows that Nikki’s an online whore. And this shocks her. The woman wins the Nancy Botwin award for mother of the year.

Back to Mohinder. Nathan realizes he has powers when he’s around other people with powers. Mohinder doesn’t believe him so Peter says he’ll take him to Isaac’s. That my friend wins the stupid idea of the episode award.

Simone goes to Isaac. They chat bitterly and Isaac shows Simone the painting of her and Peter making out. These two creep me out. He’s crazy. No clue what she ever saw in him. Isaac thinks he’s gonna be a hero. I think he’s crazy. But obviously a crazy hero.

Claire’s back at school. She lets her buddy know what happened. Brody freaks when he sees her. He’s a failure when it comes to murder. I hope Claire gets revenge on his ass. The girl has to have some fun in her youth.

Hiro’s cheating it up in Vegas. He better watch out, he’s gonna get himself killed. Elsewhere in the casino Nathan’s about to get some from Nikki. They flirt. I blow chunks.

Mohinder and Nathan are on the subway. I blank out here. Mohinder is the poor man’s Sayid. Cut to Isaac who’s shooting up. He sees Claire running and screaming in the high school gym. Nathan knocks and Isaac ignores him. Seriously what does Nathan think Issac is gonna do, open the door and play stupid? He’s not Christopher Hayden.

Claire’s at school the next day. One of her girlfriends is on to her. Apparently Brody has a history of rape. Claire gets this look in her eyes. It makes me happy.

Hiro and his buddy are dressed like Hoffman and Cruise matching suits and all. It’s cute. They see some Casino guys who rough them up and kick them out. Looks like they had too much of a good thing. At that moment one of the guys they cheated out of money at the poker table comes up all angry. He wants his aces back. His men then beat up Hiro. Poor guy.

Nikki and Nathan are flirting. Nathan’s chatting about flying and Nikki’s talking about her ex being a criminal. Now they’re talking about their kids. It seems like they actually like one another. Suddenly they’re kissing. Nikki breaks it off. She’s crushing on Nathan a bit but she knows it’s wrong. She’s not a total whore. She leaves and gets on an elevator and his manhandled by a mob guy. Apparently she needs to go sleep with the Nathan, it’s part of the deal. At that moment Nikki’s alter ego kicks in and she beats the crap out of the mob man. Larter actually handles the scene pretty well. I take back the mean things I said about her. Plus I just remembered she was awesome in Legally Blonde. All is forgiven. She then goes back to sleep with the congressman. Evil Nikki needs some loving. Looks like their tryst is being taped. Evil Nikki isn’t gonna like that.

Mohinder and Nathan are standing in Isaac’s hallway. Suddenly everything goes black and Nathan can see the future. I hope Nathan’s sure of his powers now.

Isaac wakes up and sees a painting of Claire. Cut to the gym where Claire is waiting for Brody. She’s so gonna get revenge! She’s acting all seductively with Brody. He’s falling for it. Poor boy. Claire’s driving really fast, through red lights and all. She admits she knows what Brody did. He claims she wanted it. He’s an asshole. He tells Claire, ‘let it go, there’s nothing you can do about it.’ Claire then crashes the car. So yeah, Brody let that be a listen. Don’t rape girls with super powers.

Nikki and Nathan are in bed. Freaky Glasses Man and his henchman are there as well. He instructs his silent sidekick to ‘just take the one.’ I get freaked out.

Peter runs into Hiro in Issac’s. Hiro pulls a Sun and can suddenly speak English. It’s obviously the future. Nathan says ‘this can’t be happening.’ Hiro apologizes that he doesn’t recognize Nathan without his scar. Umm, ok. Looks like Nathan’s pretty face is gonna get damaged. Hiro, gets to deliver the final line of the episode, he says to Nathan ‘My name is Hiro Nakamaura, I’m from the future. I have a message for you.’  Woah.
Fade to black.


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