Lost: Further Instructions (S3E03)

I’ve really enjoyed the past two weeks of Lost. The Others, and the few Losties we saw were the perfect amount of characters. This week we made our way back to the beach for a Locke focused episode. Honestly, I prefer the more streamlined version of the show.

This episode had so many lull points. A brief appearance by Boone leads to an awesome dream sequence that made me think the episode was picking up, but it didn’t. No Others or captured Losties this week. It’s all about Locke finding and saving Ecko from being eaten by a polar bear. He saves him. Hurley and Desmond chat about the hatch. Obviously attempting to remind viewers what happened 6 freaking months ago. Nothing much else happened. Locke got his confidence back and is obviously gonna run the rescue effort where I’m sure a mass slaughter will occur.

Full recap below.

So Locke wakes up and can’t speak. He decides he needs to speak to the island. 10 minutes goes by before I’m actually entertained. Locke has this wacked out dream where Boone! tells him someone needs his help. They’re back in the airport in Sydney in this weird alterna universe where everyone is boarding the plane. Hurley’s at the ticket desk, Desmond’s a pilot and everyone else is standing in line. His dream sequence is bound to be screencaped by the netnerds. Can I just say how hot Kate looked in it? Same for Sawyer and Jack is his pretty blue shirt. I miss them. They’re pretty. Instead I get to watch Locke half naked. Definitely not my idea of a good time.

In his Lockebacks John picks up a hitchhiker and takes him back to the commune he’s living on. The leader kinda looks like Mr. Friendly, but isn’t. I wish they wouldn’t cast people just to mess with my head. Locke seems tight with the folks in the commune, but I guess that’s how cults work. Eddie seems way too happy to stay there. I have a feeling Locke’s being duped again.

So Locke takes Charlie with him to find Ecko. He attempts to slay a polar bear but instead just scares the shit out of poor Hurley. His first line back is of course, ‘Dude.’ Some things never change. Hurley lets Locke know that Kate/Jack/Sawyer have been taken and that Henry is the big bad.

Back to the Lockebacks. John is now friends with Eddie the hitch hiker who’s decided to stay on the commune. The cultists have something going on in their greenhouse. It’s all covert. Eddie wants in on the action. Locke’s resilient.

Charlie and Locke are having their first couple fight of the season. Locke doesn’t want Charlie to help him anymore. So he heads into a cave where he thinks Ecko’s being trapped by a bear alone. Armed with only the Jesus stick and some hairspray. I wish I was kidding. I also wish I was watching Juliet and Henry Gale.

Hurley’s on his way back to the camp, where he runs into a hot and naked Desmond who just wants some clothes. Apparently he woke up naked after the hatch imploded. I like how the hatch works.

Locke’s wandering through the caves where he finds some metal box that I assume is from the hatch. The scene’s too dark on my tv to recognize what it is.

In the Lockebacks the greenhouse is revealed to be a pot farm. And the hitchhiker Eddie is a Narc. Lets just say the runners of the compound aren’t happy with John bringing him there. Once again John is duped. Poor guy’s too damn gullible.

John’s in the cave once again. There’s lots of bones and a Dharma drawing. There’s also Ecko, who Locke gets to right before he’s eaten by a polar bear. Ecko’s all bloody and nasty. Too bad the Losties were stupid enough to let their one and only Dr. get captured. I bet they’re regretting that now.

Desmond and Hurley are chatting away about the chat. Desmond seems to think Locke is gonna go save Jack/Kate/Sawyer. Because one man against the Others is a good idea. Juliette would enjoy shocking him. She seems just as messed as his dear old daddy.

Lockeback: John’s out hunting with Eddie. He turns the gun on Eddie and asks if the gov’t chose him as the dupe. Apparently they did because they thought he’d give in easily. CHUMP. Locke gets all sad because he’s not as badass as he thought he was. Eddie goes to walk away and Locke being the brave hunter that he is lets him do so. Once again, useless flashback.

Charlie/Ecko/Locke are making their way back to the beach when they hit up a stream. Charlie goes to get water and Locke is left alone with Ecko. Locke apologizes for doubting Ecko and giving up on his faith. He knows he mucked up and is suffering from a guilt complex worthy of Josh Lyman. He thinks everything is his fault and that J/K/S are gone for good. Ecko wakes up and tells Locke he can save them, he can find them. He says, ‘after all you are a hunter.’ Charlie returns and suddenly Ecko is unconscious again.

They make their way back to the beach where news hits that Jack/Kate/Sawyer have been taken. Apparently there are two new folks on the Island. Paulo and Nicki are the new lostaways played by Rodrigo Santauro and Kiele Sachez. They’re pissed that Jack’s not there to fix Ecko. I’m pissed that the writers/producers just threw in these characters and expect me to go with the flow. As if this cast isn’t big enough already. They’re pretty though, I like pretty!

Hurley has a ‘holy shit’ moment because the speech Ecko gave him about Locke saving the kidnapped Losties comes true, word for word. The episode ends with Desmond throwing rocks into the sea. You know what I wish? I wish Penny would fucking get here already.

CTV previews for next week make it look like the Others have Jack being their new Dr.’s and that Kate and Sawyer are in for yet another dark week. With bunnies. Bunnies scare me. ‘Bunnies aren’t just cute like everybody supposes! They’ve got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses.’ Bunnies are obviously evil.


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  1. February 11, 2007 at 8:06 pm

    Lost episode 7 – Not in Portland
    Brainwashing Scene with Karl strapped to the chair in Room 23.
    Seperated with surround sound and played backwards you can hear a creepy woman saying “Only fools are enslaved by time and space”

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