The Nine: What’s Your Emergency? (S1E03)

I really love The Nine. It was my favourite pilot this season and 3 episodes in it proves that the quality of the first episode was not a fluke. The writing his great, the cast his great and the technicals are flawless. The Nine is a serial show that people have been ignoring. It hasn’t been retaining Lost’s lead in(last week only 55% stayed tune). This frustrates me to no end as The Nine is one of the best shows on tv. It’s leagues above anything else new this season and can hold its own with Lost. In fact tonight The Nine aired a far superior episode. If for some tragic reason The Nine doesn’t make it through this season it’s destined to end up on Brilliant But Cancelled in a few years. I will probably still be mourning the loss of the show if that happens.

Full recap of tonight’s episode below:

So we open on the bank. Felicia’s on the move, Katherine’s mother’s freaking out. Frannie’s immediately held hostage and we’re told ‘if anybody moves we’re not gonna shoot you, we’re gonna shoot her.’ Turns out Felicia didn’t actually dial 911. Lots of people in the bank had their hands on that phone, but the one who physically dialed 911 was Lizzy.

Apparently everyone goes to this hospital. Not only are Jeremy and Lizzie there working but Nick is there investigating Randall’s heart attack(the cops suspect Lizzie) and Franny’s there because her nephew hit his head on the bathtub.

Egan’s in the process of looking for a new job but he doesn’t like any of the prospects at the unemployment agency. He refuses to settle. He also not wants a child, but apparently he and his wife had problems conceiving before and they just gave up. He wants to try again, but she’s resilient.

Lizzie goes to the Dr’s with Katherine for a check up. They share a funny scene where the nurse thinks they’re partners. Later Lizzie collapses in the hospital and calls Katherine who’s in the middle of a trial and tells her she can’t talk. Katherine lasts 10 seconds before she tells the judge she has to leave and immediately calls Lizzie. Katherine manages to Lizzie down when she starts to panic about not hearing the baby’s heartbeat on the baby monitor in the hospital room. This scene brings out something we haven’t really seen in Katherine before. She looks genuinely happy for Lizzie, but there’s something else there as well…

Felicia’s suffering from major guilt(she still thinks she dialed the number). She breaks into the bank and ends up in the washroom with her phone. She’s obviously breaking down. She tells her father that it’s her fault and they have have a fight. She wants him to tell her what happened. He wants to protect her, therefore refuses to tell her anything.

Lizzie sees Jeremy at the hospital and finally tells him about the pregnancy. He’s shocked and wishes she had told him sooner.

Katherine’s at dinner with her mother who notices the change in Katherine’s demeanor. Katherine then admits to her mother that when she was 27 she got pregnant and had an abortion. On the same day she won her first huge case. Katherine has issues. Her mother asks why she’s being told and Katherine doesn’t have an answer.

Nick meets up with Jeremy. He knows that Jeremy injected Randall with potassium, he tells Jeremy that Lizzie’s the prime suspect and Jeremy admits what he did. He tells Nick that Lizzie is pregnant. Nick’s gonna do his best to hide what happened, but he knows if Nick dies there’s no hiding it.

Everyone’s gathered at Felicia’s house to tell her what happened. Everyone tells her the story and Lizzie admits that she dialed the number.

Another great episode. Every character is slowly evolving and the relationships are getting more intricate. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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