Brothers and Sisters: Date Night(S1E05)

Brothers and Sisters really gets better every week.  I feel like I should crack out the tired ‘it’s like wine, gets better with old age’ cliche…wait, I just did.  But yeah, every week it evolves and the characters and actors continue to show just how much of a family the Walker’s really are.

This week Kitty and Jonathan break up(YAY!) for good, Saul goes out with EvilPresidentHolly and Kitty gets humiliated thanks to lots of martinis.  Plus the business Walkers make a decision to sell off the family’s orchards to fight off bankruptcy and Kevin gets a real date with Scotty only to be a broody bitch the entire time.  Honestly, could Scotty be any cuter?  From here on he will be referred to as cute boy in my recaps.  He’s that cute.  It’s all about the dimples.

Technically I guess this was a filler episode but Brothers & Sisters is so well done that their filler episodes are more entertaining than most hours of tv.

Full episode recap below.

Kitty and Jonathan are attempting phone sex. Republican phone sex is so boring. Kitty’s being a total woman and is eating in the kitchen as Jonathan talks his way through. She says she’s naked and Jonathan calls her on it. Suddenly he’s in the house and Kitty screams so loud Nora comes running downstairs with a umbrella in hand ready to poke someone to death. Sally Field as Nora is too good to even describe.

The next day Jonathan is still at the house. He’s in LA indefinitely and he and Kitty are working it out. I hate Jonathan. Pretty much as much as every member of the Walker family does. Kitty’s convinced Jonathan to stay there. I can’t wait for that to hit the fan.

The Walker family is with their lawyer trying to find out how they’re gonna keep their jobs. Kevin thinks winning the lottery is their solution. I tend to agree with him. Looks like they have to find out what Papa Walker had going on on the side or they’re all screwed. Tension is fun!

Jonathan lets Nora know he’s cooking. She does not want him cooking in her house. I have a feeling she’s gonna sabotage his meal. I know I would. I fracking hate him so much.

Warren wants to sleep with his new intern. Can someone please tell me how interns get to have sex with the host? I’ve interned half a dozen times and if the host acknowledges your existence it’s a good thing. Warren and Kitty get into a fight over the fact she gossips and talks about Jonathan over the phone. Kitty’s so insensitive she doesn’t realize that Warren is in love with her and trying to nurse his wounds with annoying 20 year old blonds.

Kevin is a baby. Such a baby. He’s still bitter about last weeks missed date with the cute guy who was supposed to testify. They flirt and agree to go out again.

Back at the Walker Ranch, Nora is getting quietly pissed off. She hates Jonathan. His hair is too high. I hate him too. Did I mention I hate him? Jonathan cooked some French thing and orders Kitty to go get more wine. Nora goes instead. Kevin shows up and there’s silence all around. It’s revealed that Jonathan is apparently a very rich investment banker. Nora starts to go out him. It’s awesome. She can’t help herself. Paige cries from the other room because her insulin needles hurt. The drunk shows Justin comes to her rescue, smiles and takes care of her in a second. He’s kinda awesome. Unlike Jonathan. The family is shocked that Justin handled things so well.

Nora’s chatting with David(Treat Williams!) who is apparently the Walker’s contractor. Nora has an invitation to go and needs a date. Kevin shuts her down and she ends up awkwardly agreeing to go with David. Nora nervous is kind of awesome. Like awesomely awesome. Kevin and Nora banter about the fact that Nora is going out with David now.

Warren has apparently asked the intern out to eat. Kitty finds this very amusing and totally crashes their date. She’s taking Jonathan with her too. I hope they have more sex after dinner. They fight about the fact that kitty thinks Warren is just trying to make her jealous. Kitty is so bringing Jonathan to make Warren jealous. They’re children.

Jonathan is apparently advising Tommy on the business. Sara is none too pleased at this. They fight. Sara complains. It’s what she does.

Kitty and Nora meet in the kitchen. Kitty mocks her for dating the contractor. Nora mocks Kitty for the evil double date. Nora says she doesn’t understand why Kitty is attracted to Jonathan. I love Nora. So much. They start to go at it. Ah, I miss these two and their battles. Nora doesn’t think Kitty loves Jonathan. I agree with Nora.

Nora meets up with David at the restaurant. She’s nervous and running off her mouth. It’s adorable. She sees Saul and the EvilPresidentHolly and says ‘holy mother of god’. They see her and funny music plays. This is gonna be fun!

Warren/Kitty/Jonathan/Intern are at dinner. Jonathan orders fancy champagne. He then comes right out and says he knows she slept with Warren. Warren says he never fell for Kitty, that it was nothing. Kitty doesn’t look too happy about that.

Nora and David are at dinner. He tells her she’s welcome to leave. Nora’s getting wasted on Watermelon martinis. Holly admits she’s on a date with Saul. They flirt. Saul claims to have lived a boring life, nothing like Holly’s.

Kevin’s at dinner with the cute guy. They are just too cute. Kevin tells the story about how he came out. Apparently Nora immediately join a Gay/Lesbian group. Most supporting mother ever.

Montage of everyone flirting at their respective dinners. Kitty’s gazing at Warren, Jonathan notices. Cute guy kisses Kevin. Nora’s so wasted. SO WASTED. She runs into Saul and they fight about who is on a date and who isn’t. I love it. Looks like Nora’s moved on Apple Martini’s. She asks David to drive her home. She apologizes saying ‘it’s the first date she’s been on in 40 years’. He quickly corrects her that he didn’t think they were on a date. Poor Nora.

Justin’s giving Paige another shot. He then grabs some saline and makes Sara practise on him. They have a bonding moment. I could not love this family more.

Jonathan is PISSED at Kitty. PISSED. He thinks she’s not trying enough. He also thinks they just don’t work. I agree. Woah, I think I just agreed with Jonathan.

Cute boy is out with Kevin. Kevin’s being an ass. He doesn’t like that he got kissed in public. Cute boy calls Kevin on being uncomfortable in his own skin. ‘ I can read you like a comic book Kevin Walker, two pages at a time.’ They have a small spat and Kevin drives cute boy home.

Nora is watching Little Women as Kitty walks in. They apologize for the fighting. Kitty asks for Nora’s help with Jonathan. She’s not sure she loves him, she thinks they just look good on paper. Nora says that she thinks Kitty loves Jonathan whenever he’s about to leave. She tells Kitty to just tell the truth. Kitty doesn’t know what that is.

Jonathan is advising the company. He thinks they should sell the orchards and keep the distribution business. They seem to agree with his plan. Why do I have a feeling this is gonna implode? Tommy and Sara talk about Justin and then divvy up who tells who about the sale of the orchards.

Cute boy is at Kevin’s. he’s so cute. He apologizes to Kevin for assuming things. He says ‘I like you and I feel completely and totally out of my league with you.’ Kevin then apologizes to cute boy(his name is Scotty) and they kiss. I swoon. Scotty will forever be cute boy to me.

Kitty and Jonathan talk. She want sto give up. ‘I don’t wanna be with you Jonathan just because I don’t want to be alone.’ This is where I earn respect for kitty. Jonathan says that Kitty doesn’t have trouble being alone but that she needs to figure out how to let somebody in. I hope this is the last we see of Jonathan.

Kitty goes to Nora’s room and Nora’s reading an anti-Bush book. Kitty claims Nora read her op-ed pieces from the Times growing up. Nora is the mother I wish I could have had if I had a choice in family. Kitty then crawls into bed and Nora holds her. The episode ends with Nora comforting Kitty about her fear of the wind.

I swear this show gets better every week. I could not be loving it more.
Did anyone else notice that Rachel Griffith’s accent came through in the scene where she’s supposed to be crying? It was awesome.


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