Studio 6o on the Sunset Strip: The Wrap Party(S1E06)

Before tonight I was seriously considering dropping Studio 60 from my schedule. It started off great but then disspointed me, continuously. I now think that the show was just taking time to hit its stride. They had to feel things out. Nowhere in this episode was a comedy sketch. That could not make me happier.

Thoroughly entertaining hour of TV. It built on the relationship between Jordan and Harriet and gave Cal actual scenes to act in(yay!). Nate Cordry showed some real acting chops and Lauren Graham had actual dialogue, that was funny. If only I could say that about Gilmore Girls.

This episode was enough to encourage me not to drop the show. It’s not perfect yet but I’m convinced it’s almost there. No live-blog next week as NBC is replacing Studio 60 with Friday Night Lights for a one week trial.

Full episode recap below

This weeks episode starts with Lauren Graham wrapping up last weeks show. Cut to the control room where Cal warns that the studio needs to be covered before all hell breaks loose. Jordan shows up, wasted, still happy from her purchase of the horribly sounding UN show. Suddenly in walks Jack, also wasted. Cal once again warns them to tarp up the studio.

Lauren Graham’s pissed at Danny for cutting a sketch. He tries to give her a reason but then Matt walks in and they flirt, a lot. Matt gives Lauren his number and asks if she’ll give it to Alexis Bledel as well. Lauren then walks by to leave, turns around and says ‘this is humiliating’ as she grabs the number exits. Cute scene, Graham and Perry obviously have chemistry together. I’m gonna ignore the obvious comment about why that is. TvDork isn’t a gossip blog. I’d probably have readers and advertisers if I were.

Matt tells Danny that he almost kissed Harriet. Danny is about as frustrated as the entire viewing audience. Matt then introduces Danny to 3 groupies who have a combined IQ of 100. They lose interest once they realize Darren Wells is at the party.

Jordan is in search of friends. She’s apparently a really hot loser. Who knew? So she hits up Harriet, Jeannie and Samantha to be her girlfriends. Harriet is sweet but quickly leaves Jordan with two other actors from the show to find a baseball that she can have Wells autograph for her nephew.

Tom’s parents are in town. They have no clue what he does. His father even calls him Mark at one time. Tom gives them a tour of the studio, which leads to more painful background history than Harriet gave Martha last week. He rants about the difference between skits and sketches. I definitely think Studio 60 is more skits than sketches. Tom’s dad snaps because Tom is getting angry over something trivial when his brother is fighting in Afghanistan. Wow. Out of left field much?

Cal runs into an old man who somehow got backstage. He’s quoting dialogue from old Sid Caesar shows. He also found a picture(obviously himself) on the Studio 60 wall and Cal dismisses this. I however see it as a giant anvil. The old man is obviously a comedy writer/victim of the red scare.

Simon takes Matt to a comedy club in an attempt to find a great new black comedian. Simon is angry that there are no African Americas in the writers room. The show turns out to be a bust as the comedian just recycles the same old black/white stereotype jokes.

Darren Wells turns out to be an asshole as his conversation with Jordan ends with him telling her ‘so you like the clubs,’ Jordan gets pissed and walks away. It’s obvious he left his number on her baseball. Looks like Harriet’s got herself a catch.

Cal finds out the missing old man is war veteran. Once Cal takes a second glance at the picture he realizes that the old man is in the pic. Apparently the old man was a Studio 60 writer who was named in the red scare. His career was destroyed. Obvious much Sorkin?

Simon and Matt are at the bar of the comedy club. Simon admits to seeing a murder go down when he was 15. Apparently he was a member of a gang. Turns out one of the gang members spared Simon’s life and now he feels guilty about not helping other under privileged black men. At that moment Matt discovers a young black man on stage and immediately thinks he’s brilliant. I, like the audience at the club don’t agree. Matt thinks he just needs discipline. Matt and Simon head back stage to talk to the kid. They end up hiring him.

Tom walks his parents to the car. His father is moping in the drivers seat. Tom has apparently paid for the body armour of everyone in his division. He also gives his dad a record of ‘Who’s on First’. Nate Cordry does some great acting in this scene. He tells his dad he loves him and his parents drive off.

Jack is wasted and singing. He’s also looking for a fight. He’s picked Danny. He goes off on Danny about his helping Jordan get the UN show. Jack screams a bit and then his wife pulls him away as Cal pulls Danny away to go meet the old writer.

Harriet runs into Jordan and immediately discovers that Darren signed the baseball with his phone number. They have a cute conversation and Jordan proves how wasted she is by mispronouncing words. Looks like the network head the actor are becoming buds. Conflict of interest anyone?

Matt, Danny and Cal go back to the writers room to meet the older writer. Apparently he was blacklisted after one sketch. He proceeds to tell them about the show when he was there. He talks about a girl who he had a crush on and how he used to write just to impress her. At this moment Harriet appears in the background looking worse for wear. The shot goes to Matt who is smiling at the older writer who keeps talking as the show fades to black.


3 Responses to “Studio 6o on the Sunset Strip: The Wrap Party(S1E06)”

  1. October 22, 2006 at 8:45 pm

    Great recap – gotta love wasted Jordan and Jack. Darren always gave me the impression he was the ultimate sleeze so it’s nice to be right about something for once.

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