When Cheese Becomes Legend

I love the Brits. They make me chuckle. They have also made the new Dirty Dancing musical the most popular pre-sold musical in history. First the Spice Girls, now this.

That being said this BBC News article about Dirty Dancing being ‘The Star Wars for girls’ completely resonates with me. I own the special edition 2 disc DVD of the movie and I’m proud of it. I discovered Dirty Dancing on TBS when I was a kid and have been in love ever since. It’s corny, it’s tacky and it’s perfect. You find me a girl who doesn’t know where the line ‘Noboday puts Baby in a corner’ comes from and I’ll be shocked. It’s one of those craptastic 80’s moments that’s up there with anything John Hughes produced. While I wouldn’t say it’s Star Wars for girls(because duh, that’s Star Wars), I’d probably say it’s The Godfather for girls.

The article got me thinking about other delightfully cheesy romances that I can’t resist. I’m incapable of doing a Top 5 because ranking this movies would be much too difficult. Without further ado:

It Could Happen To You
: Cop and waitress win the lottery, cop’s wife doesn’t like that. They fall in love and lose everything but that doesn’t matter because they found each other. Bridget Fonda and Nicolas Cage have pitch perfect chemistry as two nice genuinely nice people who fall in love. I’ve seen this movie 15 times and every time it’s on I watch. I do not have the DVD, yet.

The Notebook: I watched this alone. Big mistake. By the end of the movie I had cried more tears than I had since I sat in the theatre when I was 12 and watched Leo go down with the Titantic(I know, I know. You have every right to mock.) Somehow what is a total melodramatic chick flick on paper turns out to be perfect in execution. Despite evil parents, a fiance and a world war Noah and Alley find their way back to one another only to meet a tragic ending 40 years later. Honestly if you can find a girl who says she didn’t cry during The Notebook she’s lying. Or she’s not human. Probably a Cylon.

Love Potion #9: I can’t explain this. I don’t think I should even try. It’s horrible. I love it. Man, it’s so bad. I’m sure TBS is probably airing it right now.


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