Weeds: Pittsburgh (02E12)

So words can’t describe how amazing Weeds is. I’m not even gonna try. I will say that Season 2 made Weeds the most consistently entertaining show on tv. In my opinion it’s better than Lost, Veronica Mars and The Nine combined. So rather than write a review which would just end up with me typing in capitals and squealing like a schoolgirl I’ve picked my favourite quotes/moments from the finale(Spoiler warning for all the Canadians out there):

‘You stepped on my spirit turtle.’
‘I wanna lick the spot b/w where your toes used to be.’
‘Son of a fucking cold bitch.’
The entire Voldemort speech – especially the terrified look on Dean’s face and then how he frantically cleaned the couch
‘Oh, not today.’
Celia’s reacting when she shot the gun – the genuine laugh
‘I was gonna shoot Doug. See you at graduation.’
‘There are motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane.’
‘Either you control your woman or I will.’ I totally believed her.
‘You’re a good kisser’
Celia drinking from the flask as Doug and Dean catfight.
‘Get the fuck out of my way.’ Celia to Abumchuck
‘It’s diligence.’
Nancy holding on to that Diet Coke can.
‘Ok, ok sorry. A lot of data flying around.’
‘Oh, not today.’
This show has not been picked up for a 3rd season yet. If I don’t hear news in a few days I will start to break down.


2 Responses to “Weeds: Pittsburgh (02E12)”

  1. 1 David
    October 31, 2006 at 10:04 pm

    the words on the screen DID say Weeds will return in 2007…so I assume there will be a 3rd season

  2. November 1, 2006 at 7:14 pm

    Yeah; it can’t not be picked up.
    I must admit I agree totally. Nothing on TV today; and probably never can live up this fantastic comedy that Weeds has turned into; it takes one cazy mind to think up this stuff… And this finally is problably the best I have ever seen; this ought to be curriculum at any Film School… It is funny in so many ways; and all the stories it has build and still managed to keep them all in this final episode is an achievement. Funniest scene ever was Doug on top of Dean giving him the old mouth water torture. Amazing that this is brought to the screen.
    I just finished watching it and I am blown away; hence the meaningless ranting 😀 But this is amazing and no matter how long until the next episode. It will be too long.. No doubt about that.

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