Fall Season in Review

Every new season turns out to be surprising.  Shows you thought you’d love end up failing and shows you were iffy about end up becoming favourites.  You never expect it but it always happens.

The Failures:
I loved Smith but it was gone in 3 episodes.  Raved about the pilot of The Nine but it’s failing horribly in the ratings.  I blame The Nine’s failure entirely on ABC’s programming department.  At first glance putting The Nine with Lost must have seemed like a brilliant idea but Lost is exhausting.  I love both shows but after Lost I want to do either one of two things; sleep or rush online to figure out what I just saw.  Scheduling another detail heavy serial with Lost just doesn’t work.  The Nine would probably fair better on a night with a mismatched lead-in.  Sometimes opposites do attract.

I’ll refrain from commenting on Studio 60 here because it’s got a full season and is definitely improving after every episode.  I have a feeling it’ll be one of my tv favourites by the end of the season as long as it doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Matt and Danny are saving the world, they’re making people laugh.

The New Favourites:
On the opposite end of the spectrum 3 shows that had pilots I was blah on turned out to be the three shows I enjoy the most.  Heroes, Men in Trees and Brothers and Sisters all turned out to be great surprises.  Heroes had an uneven pilot, probably because only pt 1 of 2 was given for review.  Nothing about the show hooked me, not even Hiro.  However after episode 2 and episode 3 all that changed.  I’m addicted to the show now and love the attention to detail and utter geekiness about it.

Men in Trees and Brothers and Sisters were fun, but nothing exciting.  I was surprised that I didn’t hate shows starring Anne Heche and Calista Flockhart, but I didn’t love them either.  Once again after a few episodes each show grew on me.  I love that the writers of Men in Trees really divide the screen time among all the townies.  It’s Heche’s show but Marin often ends up as a secondary character while the supporting cast gets to shine.  It’s refreshing.  Plus the show is adorable and Jack and Marin have awesome chemistry.  Patrick’s shtick hasn’t annoyed me yet but I feel it might be coming.

The Brothers and Sisters pilot made me laugh, unintentionally.  It had corny writing, hysterically cheesy music and a family dynamic that wasn’t quite there.  Plus it was all about Kitty and not about the rest of the Walker’s.  That’s certainly changed for the better since the pilot.  Nora, played delightfully by Sally Field gets as much screen time as Kitty and the cast have hit their groove.  They have great chemistry as a family.  Plus the dramatic subplot continues to be interesting and I find myself asking what did PapaWalker really do?  Certain characters are getting lost in the shuffle, especially Tommy who works in the Office Walker environment but whose relationship with his wife is boring as hell.


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