Indifferent Towards CW’s Tuesday Night

Tuesday has always been a great tv night for me. For years NBC had Frasier on Tuesday and then I migrated to The WB’s Tuesday night thanks to Gilmore Girls. Last year when it was announced Gilmore and Veronica would be together on the CW’s Tuesday night lineup I was ecstatic. Now I’m feeling like both shows are simply PVR worthy.

Gilmore Girls is slowly improving but that’s not saying much. The Lorelai/Christopher marriage has turned out to be a disaster for the show. Having a scene where Lorelai isn’t with Christopher is so rare now. Last night actually seeing her with the townies was jarring. Obviously the show is building up to what I can only hope will be a fulfilling end to this relationship and a jumping off point for the rest of the season but right now it’s painfully boring. Until that happens in Feb sweeps there is little incentive for me to stay tuned to the show, not even the return of Luke with a spine will do it. However Paris dancing with Doyle made me smile. Oh how I miss her crazy antics.

I didn’t have a problem last season with Veronica Mars, sure it was padded but no more than your average Lost episode was. Veronica is the type of show that picks up steam half way through the season and then hits it out of the park. This season is different. After the conclusion of the 1st of 3 mystery arcs I’m feeling unfulfilled. In previous years when I found out that the culprits were Aaron and Beaver I was more involved in storylines. The Hearst rape arc did nothing for me, neither did finding out it was the tag team of Mercer and Moe. Seriously, could Logan have worse judgement with people? The boy is a crazy magnet(and I include Veronica as one of the crazies). The highlights of the episode were the return of Mac(what felt like old school Mac with witty t-shirts in tow) and the return of pissed off Logan. I could care less that he dumped Veronica, she deserved to be dumped but when Logan bashed the car to get in jail with Moe and Mercer I was so happy. That’s the Logan Echoll’s I spent 2 seasons loving, not the stupid Duncan carbon copy he’s been most of the season.

Here’s hoping both shows pick up when they return in the new year(Gilmore has one new episode remaining). Veronica is still way better than Gilmore could ever dream of being but much like Gilmore this season it has been a pale imitation of its former self.


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