Studio 60 Debate Gone Awry

Diana: So here’s the thing, Dan and I had intended to debate this weeks episode of Studio 60 but we ran into a problem: we both loved it. I can honestly say I never expected to love an hour of Studio 60 but alas hell has frozen over and Sorkin has escaped from his ego driven shithole to actually writing good hours of TV again. While this wasn’t the quality of say a West Wing Christmas episode it was certainly much better than most things on tv today.

Daniel: Alright, we both may have loved the episode, but, there’s one clear and distinct difference worth debating between Diana and I. You see, I contend that I have greater man love for Matt and Danny, than Diana. She says that her love for Bradley Whitford is unparalleled, I say, that her love of the mullet-haired wonder is nothing compared to my admiration for Perry and his buddy. I’ve always been a fan of buddy comedies and Studio 60 is yet another incarnation of this love. She can claim her love is above and beyond mine, but since the days of Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte in 48 Hours, Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards, in Top Gun…I have professed my man love to the world.

Diana: Ok you did not just say that. Mullet-haired wonder? I feel like that comment is worthy of a bitchslap. Here’s my defense of why I love Bradley Whitford more. 7 years of West Wing. SEVEN YEARS. If you had watched West Wing I could describe the awesomeness of Josh and Donna but alas you have not. I could describe to you the amazing man love that was Josh and Sam, but alas you did not. You probably didn’t even know Whitford played the asshole ex-boyfriend in Adventures in Babysitting. Why do I think the only other time you saw Whitford before S60 in your life was in Billy Madison? Am I right or am I right?

But I think the easiest way to discount your opinion is the fact that you listed Top Gun, Top fucking Gun as the best man love movie. Only girls and gays have the right to like Top Gun. Do I need to get you the Youtube link of the Cruise/McGillis love scene to prove my point? Although the idea of Tom Cruise and man love isn’t exactly a shock.,,,,what? I never said he was gay.

Daniel: Alright, let’s just make one thing clear: Top Gun, a.k.a. the greatest piece of American military propaganda since Annapolis, allows for man love of all kinds. Hetero, homo and even threesomes – Tom Skerritt, the dude from Picket Fences also had a kind of patriarchal man love for Tom Cruise in Top gun.

I have no idea what the hell I’m getting at. Look can’t we both just have equal man love for our favourite Studio 60 duo? Amazingly, no, want to know why? Because the only people who can truly understand the glory of buddy comedies and duos are guys. You have Thelma and Louise, I have Kirk and Spock, you have Wynona Rider and Angelina Jolie, I have Seinfeld and Costanza, Niles and Frasier…

So you take your lady friends, and I’ll take my buddies, and we’ll both stand at our respective sides of the proverbial dance floor!

Diana: I love how you think you have Niles and Frasier. Funny. So what, I get left with Cagney and Lacey? That just doesn’t seem fair. And don’t make me think about Thelma and Louise, I’ll start to cry. When they drive over that cliff….I can’t talk about it.

Daniel: Yeah, that was sad. But, and you’ll kill me for this. Maverick losing Goose, in Top Gun was far worse. It pains me to even think about it. Oh man, when he throws the dog tags into the ocean, I might cry.

Diana: Thelma and Louise are an epic tragedy. Thelma was almost raped. RAPED. They discovered who they were because of a tragedy. Plus they blew shit up. And you’re trying to tell me that Maverick and Goose are more tragic? Thelma and Louise KILLED THEMSELVES so they could be free. They died so they could live. Can you think of anything more poetic than that? I think not.

Daniel: Have you ever lost your flight partner in a Jet Wash, Diana!? Has your F-14 Tomcat ever spun completely out of control? It’s Man Love, Diana. You could never understand it. *Hums Top Gun theme*

Diana: Fine, I’ll concede this battle just because I’m terrified of getting deeper into the Tom Cruise man love debate.

That’s it folks, let us know what you thought of this little trial run.


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