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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: The Christmas Show(S1E11)

Wait for it folks….this is me eating crow.  Maybe it’s just that I love Sorkin doing Christmas but I thought tonight’s Studio 60 was a step short of delightful.  I didn’t even care about the unfunny sketches.  Decent amount of relationship progress tonight between all the usual suspects.  All in all a quality episode.  No super detailed recap tonight due to school.

Short recap below:
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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: The Option Period(S1E09)

Once again Studio 60 rebounds from 3 decent episodes with another boring preachy one. I really don’t know what to think about this show anymore. Just when I think it’s horrible they have a good episode and then just when I start to have faith they have a bad episode.

I honestly can’t think of a single highlight tonight aside from Lucy Davis. I applaud the Studio 60 crew for giving her an actual character rather than a cameo like the Ugly Betty folks did.

But who am I kidding, you don’t want to hear me bitch about the show.  Odds are you found this blog by searching Studio 60 so without further ado here’s the full recap of The Option Period:
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Coolest Person Ever: Kristin Chenoweth

Picture this folks: you’re dating a guy, you end up telling him lots of stories about your life. You break up with him and the next thing you know he’s modeled a character in a highly publicized series after you. And by modeled I mean carbon copied. That’s what happened to Kristin Chenoweth when Aaron Sorkin decided he wanted a ‘cool Christian’ in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

An article in Saturday’s Toronto Star asked Chenowith how she felt about her life ending up on tv. She’s surprisingly cool about it and continues to support Sorkin and the show. Honestly if I were in her position I’d be a little bitter, and by a little I mean I’d want to kill him. Even though Harriet is a great character that is just such a breach of trust.

Other interesting tidbits in the article, Chenoweth used to do Nancy Grace impressions at home with Sorkin…Harriet’s best impression so far has been Nancy Grace.

The first time I ever saw Chenoweth was as a Jr. Agent on Frasier. I wasn’t exposed to Broadway as a child so I knew little about her singing abilities until Wicked became popular. Then she ended up on The West Wing, one of my favourite shows of the past decade.

Chenoweth goes against the modern stereotypes of Christianity and she makes her opinions clear. She seems like a genuinely cool person, especially when it comes to religion.


Studio 60 to Go Silent(For One Night Only…)

We know that Studio 60 has a 13 episode order and the assumption is that NBC will want to air all those episodes to recoup as much money as possible.  They overpaid for the show, so they might as well make lemonade out of lemons.  At this point I’m willing to predict that there’s no way in hell Studio is gonna get a back 9 order.  It looks like the network is slowly making plans to get rid of it.

I’m not surprised considering TvSquad reported today that Kevin O’Reilly, head of NBC’s entertainment division may be on his way out.  O’Reilly bought Studio 60 during a bidding war with CBS.  His slate of high style, expensive programming has proved unsuccessful this year, aside from Heroes.  NBC is obviously trying to save Friday Night Lights, their critical darling, but it looks like they’re throwing Sorkin to the side to do so.

Seems like a smart move on NBC’s behalf.  Studio 60 has been nothing short of a disaster for them.


Dear Aaron Sorkin,

First let me say, I’m a big fan. You’re a great writer..really you are. But I feel like you’ve gone too far now.

I loved West Wing. For 7 years I didn’t miss an episode. It was the smart, snarky and had Josh and Donna. Really what’s not to love? That love blinded me. I let things go too easily. Like your comment on the Ontario/Vermont border.

You know what else I let go? Your constant reuse of names. Most people didn’t see Sports Night so they didn’t realize what you were doing. At first I thought it was cute, then it just became annoying. But it was never something worth complaining about, until now.

I like Harriet Hayes, I really do. She’s one of the bright spots on Studio 60 for me. Smart, sexy and funny to boot. But I feel like you need to stop, because Harriet Hayes is no Ainsley Hayes.

It’s hard to describe the awesomeness that was Ainsley. A Conservative surrounded by Democrats. She was smart, sexy, sassy and intelligent when it came to her faith. Wait, suddenly that sounds familiar. I wonder why? Ainsley was one of my top 5 West Wing characters, please don’t rip her off any longer. Yes, I realize Harriet is ripped for your relationship with Kristen Chenowith, but still, it’s no excuse.

Go open a baby book and pick some new names. I promise, it won’t hurt. Just please stop it before Cliff Lyman shows up at Studio 60. My little Wingnut heart wouldn’t be able to handle it.


PS. All will be forgive if you make Harriet and Ainsley cousins and bring Emily Proctor back to say your beautiful words…and to eat lots of food. And no those 3 scenes at Leo’s funeral don’t count.

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