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Favourite Shows: Frasier

There are few shows that I love to the very end. Normally I cut a show once it starts to get bad, but in a few cases love overcomes! You’ve heard me blog about my love of X-Files and The Wing but my other love has been largely ignored on this site, Frasier.  Frasier remains my favourite comedy and also features two of my favourite on screen pairings, Frasier and Niles and Niles and Daphne.  I found the show in Seasons 3/4 after I had gotten addicted to Cheers in syndication and needed more.  I didn’t expect Frasier to be better than Cheers but it turned out to be.  To this day I love the show like no other.

That’s why I was delighted to find out that Peter Casey, creator and executive producer of the show had posted a 3 part column at Ken Levine’s  blog.  He talks about how Frasier made it on to the air, the pitch and the casting(the Lisa Kudrow debacle).  As someone who loved the show, I read the articles with a massive smile on my face.  If you’ve never read Levine’s blog I suggest you do so.  He’s a comedy veteran and without a doubt produces one of the best TV blogs on the interwebs.

Levine’s blog


Moose: 1990 – 2006

Sadly this effects me much more than Aaron Spelling’s death. Moose, known to millions as Eddie the dog on Frasier has died.

I loved Frasier when it was on, and it’s in my top 5 tv shows of all time. Believe it or not Eddie, unlike most sitcom dogs was his own character. Some classic Frasier moments revolved around situations Eddie had his pawns in.

Goodbye Eddie. Martin would be proud.


The Bane of My Existance

So I was trolling my Newsgator links desperately trying to find something to blog about tonight, and I was getting sad.  Folks I nearly posted my Top 5 Meryl Streep movies, which while being completely exciting for me, probably would have bored the hell out of you.

Instead I found the greatest blog ever.  It's so good I'm jealous that I didn't take the title for my blog.  FireJeffZucker is an attack on the head of NBC Universal, Jeff Zucker, or rather NBC's programming.  Zucker started out in morning news and eventually executive produced the Today Show.  After that he moved to head of Entertainment for NBC, where he incurred my rath.

To say I HATE Jeff Zucker is an understatement.  Of all the annoying idiots in Hollywood, Zucker is my least favourite.  The man headed NBC during it's most popular time(which I attribute to previous head Brandon Tartikoff).  Zucker thinks he's a genious.  He's the same guy that moved 3rd Rock more than 15 TIMES! on NBC's schedule and greenlit such brilliant programming as Good Morning Miami(which was about his rise to fame). 

I need to provide you guys with some backstory before I go any further.  I loved Frasier.  LOVED IT.  After X-Files it goes down as the #2 tv show of my life(mock on your own time).  Zucker saw Frasier had potential to become a juggernaught and moved it to Thursdays at 9 in it's 7th season.  It performed very well, with the 7th season finale bringing in 33 Million viewers.  The highest rated show of the night.  Then Zucker decided to move Frasier back to Tuesday to make room for Will and Grace.  And then Frasier was forgotten by NBC as they triumphed Will and Grace.  I could give you lots of facts, but you'd get bored.  Lets just say one year the suits at NBC gave the cast of Frasier fancy knives for Christmas and gave the cast of Will and Grace….PORCHES.

So yeah, I HATE JEFF ZUCKER.  And therefore I encourage you to check out FireJeffZucker, run by the editor of TvSquad

Rant over. 

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